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Smartphone from Fujitsu?
20.03.2014, 21:38  /  Latest edited: 20.03.2014, 21:38
With such a huge feet in the tablet market both with Android and Windows 8 I wonder whether Fujitsu plans to come out with a smartphone of its own in Europe.

It would make sense - this way one could control what kind of software and services runs on a device like that even better. And if we look into the past: there were already very good smartphones from Fujtsu on the market a few years ago.

And I read about a Fujtsu smartphone that was shown at MWC last year. What are the chances that we'd see it in Europe?

16.04.2014, 20:15
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Hi Wilhelm,

Fujitsu has been selling its first "European" smartphone - the STYLISTIC S01 - in France since June 2013, in cooperation with Orange S.A. The successor to this model is due in autumn this year and will be available from an expanded range of locations. The new model and the services that go with it were introduced at this year's MWC.

We hope this information is still helpful, despite the delay.

Best regards,

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