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Fujitsu Celsius H770 service manual?
12.11.2021, 10:34

We're evaluating the Manufacturer for the Notebooks of our about 700 employees and it looks like we have to exclude Fujitsu just because of the annoying support - as an example, we try to get the Fujitsu Celsius H770 service manual since two weeks. With other Manufacturers, we usually just need Google to get the pdf within seconds.

Where can we get the Fujitsu Celsius H770 service manual?

Thanks a lot, kind regards,
Thomas Schittli

12.11.2021, 15:56
Hi Thomas.

Please access this link:

Note that you'll need to have a Extranet Partner Portal login. If you can't access the content, please consider to register as a Fujitsu service partner - you will be able to access the complete service information and documentation.

Thank you

Nuno Costa
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