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Which mobile device family is suited best for business use?
20.02.2014, 06:01
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Many companies equip their staff with new mobile devices - smartphones and tablets. But which kind of device should one chose? iOS, Android or Windows 8/8 Phone?

I am mostly interested in practical aspect vs theoretical precautions. Android devices are said to be the least secure and most vulnerable to attacks. Is that a fact proven by reality?

Are iOS devices as easy to handle as predicted?

What about Software? For which family exist the best business applications?

11.03.2014, 10:03

an interesting question. As both hardware and software is in constant flux my advice is to think about your user profile and drill down to the device(s) and OS which best fit.

For example.

Are you a mostly/partly/seldom working while on the move? Then a mobile device is your first choice.

Are you a strictly keyboard/mouse person focused on content creation or is content consumption like news, reading documents or the like part of your profile? If the first then a regular notebook would be your choice. If the second the a hybrid like the Q7xx would be your prefered choice.

Are you mostly using Windows OS and software installed locally or do you prefer Cloud-based applications? If the first then a notebook is the first choice. If the second then a non-Windows device with some accessories like Bluetooth mouse and keyboard would fit the bill.

These are just some examples of questions and considerations which would lead to your optimal selection.


12.03.2014, 09:22
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Meinolf, thank you for your posting. I think many people in business belong neither to the productive nor the consuming part of users only.

For myself, it is a 70/30 usage. Generally, I would recommend a Windows 8 device first, then iOS, because of the broad software base and the proven methods of security that are already in place.

Android is only a choice if you can ensure that all the users in your environment use the measurements for security (e.g. security app, no Installation of non-proven software etc.). This also applies to Windows, of course.

Last but not least the choice is a matter of how you think your people will adapt to the usage.

15.03.2014, 21:03
Although Apple and Android devices are appealing to many users I still think Windows devices contain the best of all worlds, even the mobile ones (with Windows Phone 8 ). If you're not the kind of app hunting person everything important is available for this family of devices.

15.03.2014, 21:36
This is an interesting discussion, BYOD ist a major topic these days. I would like to point out that there are several solutions for companies that allow for access to company networks without compromising security issues.

The Anti Virus Company Trend Micro for example offers Safe Mobile Workplace ( ), a virtual Android that can be set up together with a suite of chosen apps on the company's server.

I got the chance to see it at CeBIT this year - very interesting. One gets access to this by running an app which is also available in the Apple world - so with this solution you might even run Android OS from an iPhone or iPad!

Does Fujitsu also offer a BYOD solution for mobile devices? If so, how does it work compared to the Trend Micro program?

18.03.2014, 06:44
Hi Wilhelm,

Quote from Wilhelm.Ambros:
Does Fujitsu also offer a BYOD solution for mobile devices?

Fujitsu does indeed have a BYOD solution for all mobile devices and OSs.

Check it out


18.03.2014, 06:52

Quote from Hardwareguy:
I think many people in business belong neither to the productive nor the consuming part of users only.

I totally agree. And that's been our experience when using the User Profile approach as well. One size does not fit all, it very much depends on the context.

My dominant profiles range from Task Worker to Knowledge Worker (to Power User if I include my private sphere as well) with a very high mobility share; on average ~20h/week.

The device which serves me well is the Q702. Multi-use while traveling as content creation device as well as content consumption. And in the office its connected to an ergonomic environment which allows for productive and painless Powerpointing or Exceling.


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