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Feb 06 2015

I-CIO Portrays Europe’s Top CIOs

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page – over the past decades, the IT industry has produced its own fair share of heroes and (evil) geniuses who fascinate people and eventually have a huge impact on the outside world beyond their garages, student dorms or R & D labs. So far, most of these stars were successful entrepreneurs and hailed from the U.S. However, there's an equally important group of people whose influence is often overlooked, and those are the ones who actually put the technology to work – the CIOs of global market leaders like Royal Dutch Shell, Volkswagen, Carrefour or Gazprom, all of which happen to be headquartered in Europe.

I-CIO now attempts to eliminate this lack of information with a collection of detailed and not-so-detailed profiles of Europe's Top 20 Chief Information Officers. First published in 2014, the collection lists only serving IT execs – including those most recently appointed – and sheds a light on their prior academic and professional careers as well as on some of the key tasks they have to master when devising and implementing their companies' digital strategies and tech agendas. What's more, it also allows for a head-to-head comparison with their North and South American colleagues and highlights a few of the most interesting differences between the continents – for instance, that European CIOs are often company veterans who have served their companies for 10+ years and typically keep their seats for longer tenures, whereas U.S. companies seem to be more comfortable with following female IT leaders such as Karenann Terrell, EVP and CIO at Wal-Mart, who topped last year's U.S. list.

Apart from these lists, I-CIO also offers detailed profiles of and in-depth interviews with 'reigning' CIOs and keeps track of the latest appointments in its Profession section.


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