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Apr 30 2017

Fujitsu Introduces PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct

One of the most interesting features in Windows Server 2016 Datacenter is Storage Spaces Direct (S2D): The technology enables admins to pool the local storage capacities of multiple servers in order to provide an underlying, unified layer for a server cluster. It thus helps companies to set up and manage resilient, cost-effective hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) and may at some point be used to build entirely software-defined data centers. The problem is that even with S2D on board, deploying HCI can turn out to be quite a challenge. That's where our latest PRIMEFLEX solution comes into play.

The new bundle goes by the full name of FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct; its main purpose is to further speed up the development of the core foundation of virtual infrastructures in a data center. To achieve this, it combines the performance of PRIMERGY industry-standard servers with the software capabilities of Windows Server 2016 in a neat bundle that gets your customers on the fast track to building a Microsoft-based HCI. Like all other PRIMEFLEX packages, this one includes hardware, software and support and comes as a pre-configured and pre-tested system. The solution is currently available in two dosage forms, both of which use a 2U, dual-socket PRIMERGY RX2540 M2 as their basis. Both systems are equipped with two 12-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 processors and 512 GB of DDR4 memory, connect to the network via two 10GbE LAN ports, and have Windows Server 2016 Datacenter pre-installed. Likewise, both support identical configurations that start from just two servers and flexibly scale up to 16 machines with 384 drives that will support up to 800 virtual servers or desktops. The main difference between the two is in the respective storage setups:

  • The performance-optimized edition uses a combination of 2.5-inch disks that offer 20.4 TB raw capacity and are linked together in a 3-tier architecture consisting of two NVMe drives (for applications), three 800 GB SSDs, and nine 2 TB HDDs – the latter two categories to store data on the basis of how frequently it must be accessed.
  • The capacity-optimized edition is equipped with nine 3.5-inch, 6 TB HDDs: its total raw capacity therefore amounts to 54 TB. The HDDs are linked to three 800GB SSDs in a two-tier architecture.

Availability and Pricing
Starting this month, PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct is available in EMEIA, either directly from Fujitsu or through our valued channel partners. Pricing depends on configuration and region. 

For more information, please see the press release and visit our product page.


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