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Jun 30 2018

Coming Up Soon: TechCommunity WebTalk “Driving Digital Transformation with PRIMEFLEX Integrated Solutions”

The digitization of business models is progressing at full speed. For companies, the availability of flexible and agile services for their customers is increasingly becoming a success factor. In this webcast, we'll show you how Fujitsu's PRIMEFLEX offerings for hyperconverged infrastructures and SAP environments can help put your customers on the right track.

Digital services are increasingly helping companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. However, to succeed in implementing such services, companies need to build corresponding, flexible and scalable infrastructures and applications, which they are increasingly trying to achieve with the help of cloud-based solutions.

The ultimate logical step in this context is the virtualization of the entire data center operation: Here, the goal is to create a uniform, automated, standardized and integrated IT landscape where application performance is no longer hampered by boundaries between on-premises and 'external' services. Building such software-defined infrastructures (SDIs) is currently one of the hottest topics at the top of numerous CIOs' agendas.

But what is an SDI, and how exactly is it supposed to work? What are the advantages of virtualizing a company's data center infrastructure in terms of cost and service quality? What impact will it have on data center and business operations, and how can companies ensure a consistent and uniform management of the new IT landscape? Are SDIs 'always the best,' or are there scenarios in which companies would do better without them?

Our upcoming TechCommunity WebTalk "Driving Digital Transformation with PRIMEFLEX Integrated Solutions" will elaborate on these questions and provide participants with substantial insights on how these packages can help organizations of all sizes to restructure and transform their SAP environments. The event will be hosted by Jürgen Ellwanger, Head of Global Fujitsu SAP Competence Center, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer (FDE); Udo Würtz, Business Development Director EMEIA, Chief Evangelist Data Center Business EMEIA, FDE; and Susanne Brügelmann, Specialist Marketing Manager. They have the following agenda planned for you:

  • PRIMEFLEX Hyperconverged Offerings including One-Click Update and Hybrid Cloud Capabilities
  • PRIMEFLEX for SAP Environments: Challenges, Solutions, Customer Benefits
  • Best Practice Sharing for SAP HANA Scale-Out Scenarios and Outlook into Next-Gen Intel CPUs Powering PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA
  • How to Connect IoT Devices to Hyperconverged Infrastructures (End2End Connectivity)

This webcast is scheduled for Wednesday, July 4, 2018, at 10:00 AM CEST. To register for this event, please go to (TechCommunity membership required):

Important information: Participation in our WebTalks provides an extra path for SELECT Experts to gather points that are required for you annual re-certification, in this case for those among you who are storage specialists. In other words, all arguments speak for attending this session!


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