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Oct 19 2016

Fujitsu Releases PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation


Transforming classic data centers into cloud-ready, flexible infrastructure pools for the agile enterprise is a complex, error-prone and time-consuming task that many, if not most IT departments find difficult to shoulder. Fujitsu's latest addition to its PRIMEFLEX family of solutions can significantly simplify and speed up the process.

For several years, CIOs and IT departments everywhere have dreamed about a turnkey solution that could eliminate all the troubles and woes that pave the way to a successful cloud transition. With FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation, they now have such a solution waiting right at their fingertips – namely, one that includes all necessary components and capabilities required to run an enterprise-class, software defined data center (SDDC).

Like other packaged solutions from the same lineup, PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation builds on certified PRIMERGY x86 servers equipped with powerful, fourth-generation Intel® Xeon® E5 processors that provide the basis for stable, reliable virtualization. These servers have a long and proven track record with VMware deployments and constantly excelled in performance tests over the past five years, currently leading in 16 (out of 21) VMmark 2.0x benchmarks1 that experts consider to be "true indicators" of a system's virtualization capabilities. These servers are joined together in a so-called leaf-spine topology, a special kind of network design that eliminates typical bottlenecks and instead speeds up server collaboration within and across racks. To make the most of this topology, we're using Brocade VDX switches to control network traffic and redundancy, provide out-of-band management connectivity, and interlink various server racks. Finally and as the name implies, PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation includes a complete VMware software stack consisting of VMware vSphere®, Virtual SAN™, NSX®, and SDDC Manager. This package may be further augmented with Hardware Management Services (HMS) to provide a centralized management view as well as with VMware Horizon® and VMware vRealize® to support IaaS and VDI scenarios. By combining all these elements into a single solution, Fujitsu created a hyper-converged system that provides enterprise IT teams with an entirely software-defined data center infrastructure and at the same time removes crucial network challenges associated with most cloud deployments.

Configuration Options
PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation brings additional flexibility to enterprises thanks to its huge scalability. Starting from a deployment of only eight servers, customers can meet growing demands by expanding the infrastructure to a total of 192 servers hosting approximately 9,600 VMs and 1.8 PB of storage. Since PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation is so easy to deploy, costs are reduced from the outset; in addition, more savings can be realized through automated update and upgrade services.

Pricing and Availability
PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation is available to order immediately; the first systems will be ready for delivery by the end of January 2017. Prices vary by configuration and region. For detailed information, please see the solution brief (PDF) or contact your Fujitsu account manager.

[1] VMmark is a free tool used by hardware vendors, virtualization software vendors, and others to measure the performance, scalability, and power consumption of virtualization platforms. It is designed to:

• Allow accurate and reliable benchmarking of virtual data center performance and power consumption.

• Allow comparison of the performance and power consumption of different virtualization platforms.

• It can also be used to determine the performance effects of changes in hardware, software, or configuration within the virtualization environment.

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