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Jan 11 2017

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop Supports SAP HANA Vora®

Taming big data and extracting valuable intelligence from multiple data sources in the enterprise just got a whole lot easier.

Whether they're fans of Big Data or rather skeptical of the trend, there's one point IT experts of both flavors will easily agree on: while more and more organizations aim to increase the number of sources that can be subjected to analytics, they often struggle with the massive, unprecedented – and often unexpected – amounts of information that must be processed at lightning speed. Popular examples include Formula 1 bolides from the likes of Williams or Mercedes-Benz, which generate a minimum of 1 GB of data per second during a race, or the sensors of modern jet engines, which easily deliver ten times as much bits and bytes. However, in a worst-case scenario all the information contained therein may be totally useless because it cannot be analyzed effectively and quickly enough to produce the desired result – regardless of whether it's winning a Grand Prix, achieving maximum control in any challenging situation that might occur during an intercontinental flight, or the more prosaic task of cost-effectively managing the flash floods of info that constantly roll in from POS systems and branch offices to a retail chain's data center.

To master these challenges, organizations use a combination of SAP HANA® platforms (for fast processing of structured business data) and Hadoop (for handling large sets of unstructured data). SAP HANA Vora® for its part was developed to bridge the gap between HANA and Hadoop. As an in-memory distributed computing solution that leverages and extends the Apache Spark execution framework, it provides enterprises with enriched interactive analytics on both kinds of data sets. SAP HANA Vora® combines an in-memory query engine with powerful functions such as an in-memory graph database for real-time graph analysis and a time series analysis engine. If that sounds complicated, it's because it is – under normal conditions. That's were the latest iteration of Fujitsu's PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop comes into play: in a joint effort, Fujitsu and SAP developers have optimized the platform in such a way that it now natively supports SAP HANA Vora®. The result is a pre-integrated, pre-tested all-in-one package consisting of servers, storage, networking components and software that not only helps enterprises to reduce the inherent complexity of big data deployments, but also to translate the anticipated data tsunami into practical and useful business insights.

Pricing and availability
PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop, optimized for SAP HANA Vora®, is available initially in Europe, both directly from Fujitsu and via selected channel partners. Pricing is based on configuration and number of nodes per year. The required licenses for SAP HANA Vora® are subject to separate agreements. As with every PRIMEFLEX system, businesses can benefit from additional peace of mind thanks to Fujitsu's planning, deployment and integration services. Moreover, Fujitsu offers strategic big data and analytics consulting in addition to managed infrastructure, integration and maintenance services.

For more information, please see the data sheet and our white paper on PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop.


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