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Oct 10 2019

Lead forward with Zinrai Deep Learning System powered by DLU

As the premier discipline in the AI world, deep learning stands as a decisive success factor in a competitive business environment. The transition to this new world can be, however, quite challenging. In order to help your company and provide a complete solution that introduces users to AI in a quick and easy way, Fujitsu developed its Deep Learning Unit (DLU) with a strong focus on the training of neural networks. Stay tuned.

Being the new emerging digital technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now be applied in real, everyday business situations. As Industry requirements change, AI has become an indispensable tool in several different business areas, for example:



A set of the most popular, pre-optimized and state of the art neural networks will allow customers to address their business needs in terms of AI, whether in trade, industry or the manufacture of goods - no matter whether it is about purchase recommendations for customers, support of call centers in voice and chat, AI for machines or self-learning robots and many other applications.

Serving as the basis for deep learning applications, and when compared to other machine learning processes, Deep Neural Networks (DNN) is extremely complex -  it can easily have, for e.g. ten to thousands of hidden layers between their input and output layers - and involves an extensive development in terms of setting up the deep learning models.

FUJITSU AI, Zinrai Deep Learning System (ZDLS), is an innovative end-to-end solution with AI services, software and infrastructure that ensures the quick setup of high-performance deep learning platforms. Being an integral part of the ZDLS and acting as the central hardware core of the AI solution, Fujitsu developed its Deep Learning Unit (DLU), providing a new technology that greatly accelerates the process of deep learning training compared to GPUs available on the market today.  

Taking advantage of AI software components plus AI services and integration services, Fujitsu saves you the hassle of having to deal with tedious configurations, ensuring that productive AI solutions are up and running in no time at all!

One of this market’s biggest challenges has to do with the several trainings and testing needed, where you’ll have to readjust your data quality and enhance your training module. In order to achieve this, a lot of data and a lot of computing power are required. In opposite to the common approach, where servers have typically been equipped with GPUs, Fujitsu’s DLU provides a different solution, with different results: it is designed and developed specifically for training neural networks, being much faster and energy-efficient than GPUs. Preliminary internal tests have shown that the DLU can boost performance per watt, by a factor of ten, letting enterprises compute faster, while cutting energy consumption.




Being available from late 2019 for customers who joined the early adopter’s program, it stands out as one integrated system which is ready for operation in a snap – and it also includes predefined learning models. The solution is affordably priced and keeps pace with growing customer requirements: ZDLS is equipped with two DLUs and can be expanded up to eight DLUs, and the systems can be switched in series to an unlimited amount of nodes. The compatibility with the existing software is ensured by Fujitsu just by adding a single line of code.

When compared to the competition, Fujitsu will allow your company to be more energy efficient, since much less devices will be needed to perform the training, and the power consumption levels are very low. Performance and power savings are the key factors Fujitsu ambitions on delivering, by (chip-) design.

Having a gigantically larger number of cores and a complete different type of concept on how cores are filled with data, Fujitsu’s DLU aims at having the shortest training times in the market.




With respect to the market and other vendors such as Intel, Huawei, etc., and being aware of the upcoming technologies, we believe that Fujitsu will achieve a significant competitive advantage. To find out more and to have more insights on the technology, stay tuned for our next ZDLS article.

Udo Würtz


About the Author:

Udo Würtz

Deputy Chief Technology Officer EMEIA, BLP. Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer




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