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Jun 04 2020

PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN – Appliance

The increased need for businesses to act and adapt at a very fast pace puts pressure on the IT systems which support all the key business services. A popular way to simplify this IT infrastructure is to use appliance-like solutions, which combine software and hardware in an integrated platform, the Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) being one of the best current examples. Not only are the HCI systems integrated platforms, but their operation and maintenance also need to take an integrated approach. The partnership between Fujitsu and VMware has introduced a new way of simplifying HCI lifecycle management and minimizing operational costs. Stay tuned to find out more about the new Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN appliance.

ImageAs an essential element of digital transformation, agile, resilient and cost-efficient hyper-converged infrastructures are the next-generation data center fabric, powering today’s most dynamic digital services. However, as organizations modernize and transform their data centers, they continue to encounter challenges around the design, procurement, integration, testing, and maintenance of hyper-converged environments.

Under the Integrated Systems PRIMEFLEX brand, Fujitsu offers a broad range of converged and hyper-converged systems, including tested combinations of servers, storage, network and software. When compared with traditional architectures, these solutions make data center modernization much simpler, faster and more flexible. Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems are specifically designed to mitigate the risks and control the costs involved in implementing IT infrastructure projects.

Fujitsu and VMware have come up with a new way of simplifying HCI lifecycle management and minimizing operational costs. This innovation is based on the firm belief that the operation and maintenance of HCI systems should also take an integrated approach. FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN is the result: an integrated system that includes all the hardware and software needed to simplify the deployment and the entire lifecycle of a VMware-based hyper-converged IT infrastructure.


PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN appliance – what’s in it?


When it comes to hardware, the Fujitsu PRIMERGY rack servers – certified for VMware vSAN –  deliver the compute and storage platform, while, for network connectivity, customers are able to choose between our Extreme network switches, or use their existing ones.

For server and storage virtualization, the appliance uses the market-leading HCI software stack consisting of VMware vSphere and vSAN. This appliance usually comes with a special license locked to a dedicated server system, and it remains valid until the server is taken out of operation. In addition to the term-based license, Fujitsu also offers perpetual OEM licenses. The use of an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) is also possible.

ImageThe appliance also tightens the levels of integration between Fujitsu’s hardware and VMware’s software. As it integrates FUJITSU Infrastructure Manager for PRIMEFLEX (ISM for PRIMEFLEX) with VMware’s vCenter management software, it is able to manage the lifecycle of an entire hardware and software stack. This is a big step forward in terms of dramatically reducing the time and complexity usually associated with updating firmware and software, making sure that all components are up to date, failsafe and compliant. ISM for PRIMEFLEX streamlines the deployment of a VMware vSAN environment by automating the setup process based on pre-defined templates. Central monitoring of critical hardware components provides you with deep insight into a VMware vSAN environment – covering not only the server nodes, but also the involved network switches. Finally, ISM for PRIMEFLEX helps to easily expand a vSAN environment by automating many of the configuration steps necessary to bring additional server nodes into a vSAN cluster.

The offering is complemented by an Implementation Service and a Maintenance Service (Fujitsu SolutionPack) that provides a single point of contact for support for the complete hardware and software stack.

As the latest addition to Fujitsu’s extensive line-up of HCI systems, the new Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN appliance is delivered to fit individual sizing requirements, offering low-risk and fast out-of-the-box setup.

Based on powerful Fujitsu PRIMERGY x86 servers, which consistently achieve outstanding VMware benchmark results, the solution guarantees high performance, energy-efficiency and availability for all workloads and any HCI use case. This includes general purpose virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructures, big data and analytics, remote and branch office, edge computing and even mission-critical workloads like SAP HANA. By delivering a common platform for on-premises and public cloud deployments, the PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN appliance dramatically simplifies hybrid IT, enabling a consistent operational experience and the ability to quickly and easily move workloads across clouds without re-architecting applications.

In addition to the appliance approach, Fujitsu offers also a broad range of certified vSAN ReadyNodes™ under the brand name of PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN for customers who prefer to have maximum flexibility of choice for building a VMware HCI environment.

As businesses become increasingly dependent on agile, resilient and cost-efficient hyper-converged infrastructures to form the foundations of their digital transformation, their ability to mitigate any associated complexity is the key to their future success. We believe that this collaboration between Fujitsu and VMware, extending the simplicity and tight integration to the way systems are managed, will help drive further adoption of the hyper-converged infrastructure.

For more information on the PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN, please check out our public web page.


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