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Nov 27 2020

LCM support on PRIMEFLEX for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

With multiple vendors and products, IT infrastructure upgrades have not only become increasingly complex and error prone, but also incur high maintenance costs in order to mitigate outages to mission-critical applications. Fujitsu and its LCM support on PRIMEFLEX for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is here to help you by improving the efficiency and reliability of these upgrades in your company’s data centers.


Firmware Updates have always been considered a very complex and time-consuming task, associated with a downtime phase during which services are unavailable. Aimed at tackling this challenge, the Nutanix Lifecycle Manager (LCM) not only eliminates the downtime in the PRIMEFLEX for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, but also the whole complexity of the FW update process.

Allowing for complete infrastructure updates, both software and firmware, LCM improves efficiency and reliability of modern data centers. Nutanix LCM determines any software and firmware dependencies, intelligently prioritizes updates, and automates the entire upgrade process across all clustered hosts, without any impact on applications or data availability. The workload is protected because LCM is able to wait for all the VMs running on the target node to be migrated to another host or to be shut down if needed.

For organizations striving for greater operational efficiency, Nutanix LCM gives IT teams the confidence to perform complex infrastructure upgrades with one-click simplicity. The one-click upgrades are supported across multiple qualified hardware manufacturers and configurations, so that IT teams have the flexibility to deploy the best hardware for each use case, while benefiting from centralized upgrade capabilities.

Nutanix’s LCM design simplicity is made possible due to inherent architectural aspects of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Rather than a collection of discrete products, each with their own update capabilities bound together by layers of management tools, the Nutanix Acropolis Operating System provides a distributed Web-scale foundation that simplifies the overall infrastructure management and enables LCM to upgrade both cluster software and node firmware with ease.



  • Easily accessible through Nutanix Prism, enabling monitoring and management of multiple clusters;
  • One-click upgrade simplicity;
  • Upgrade software and firmware in a single process;
  • Automatically manage software & hardware dependencies, warning the user about missing requirements;
  • Unifies firmware upgrade operations across multiple node types or hardware vendors;
  • Includes scheduler checks for updates automatically.



  • Self-Managing: Automatically detects and self-updates the LCM orchestrator logic and new module metadata when framework components are made available;
  • Dark Site Support: Can be configured to fetch LCM updates from a local source for data centers without external Internet access;
  • Upgrade Pre-Checks: Performs a comprehensive range of cluster pre-checks for health, capacity and version control.



  • Software Updates: LCM can automatically complete required upgrades for Nutanix software;
  • Batched Processing: To save time and repeat processes, LCM can collate hardware component updates together and perform any required pre- and post-update actions just once per host;
  • Multi-Hypervisor Flexibility: LCM can deploy updates for the following hypervisors: AHV, ESXi and Hyper-V;
  • Multi-Hardware Support: LCM provides a common firmware update method for Nutanix-qualified hardware platforms.


Being Nutanix specific, LCM is perfectly integrated into the overall Nutanix interface and management tool, allowing you to trust in a 100% certified FW from the provider, fully tested and approved by Fujitsu, with no necessary external tools.

Included for free, with no additional license costs involved, several LCM Firmware Update Support versions are being released (e.g. for NIC firmware, HDD inventory, RIM Support, boot device inventory & updates), and will continue on the following version, LCM 2.4 / 2.4.1.

Please refer to our Fujitsu HCL in order to check released FW versions - Product Support Matrix.


Markus Stitterich


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Markus Stitterich
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Markus is a member of the Technical Competence Center for Server, Storage and Network. When he joined Fujitsu in 2008 he started off as a consultant enabling...


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