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Jan 19 2021

Fujitsu SystemInspection Service for SAP Solutions

Are you aiming for a complete understanding of the current workload, performance, and related resource consumption and distribution in order to provide measures and guidance in accordance with your business strategy and requirements? The Fujitsu SystemInspection Service for SAP solutions is an optimal option for ensuring that the technical base of your SAP landscapes is well configured and healthy.



With the increasing size and complexity of SAP landscapes and interactions of growing requirements to fulfill business tasks, the overall system optimization is becoming even more important. It is crucial to lower the IT costs while increasing the overall system efficiency.

With initial analysis, customer workshops, and a guideline for the process of transitioning to SAP HANA or related solutions, the technical advisory services for IT infrastructure solutions from Fujitsu are defined as a set of consulting services focusing on a particular customer use case scenario. As one of our offerings with a strong focus on SAP technologies such as SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA, this SystemInspection Service offers an efficient analysis and comprehensive consultation package for existing infrastructure environments at a fixed price.

The Fujitsu SystemInspection Service for SAP solutions analyzes the customer’s operational SAP IT infrastructure based on a multi-day measurement of system critical metrics. Then, it builds an accurate mapping of the actual load profile and formulates an inventory list of the entire SAP IT infrastructure. It creates a holistic and transparent view of the performance and utilization of individual IT components and associated SAP systems. The findings are presented and discussed during the consultation session. Recommendations or instructions for actions are provided. The Fujitsu SystemInspection Service for SAP solutions is supported by heuristics and metaheuristics algorithms that were developed by the University of Magdeburg specifically for and in collaboration with Fujitsu, addressing the dynamic priority-based workload consolidation problem (DPWCP).


The Fujitsu SystemInspection Service for SAP solutions provides guidance and clear recommendations for use cases such as:

  • Performance bottlenecks;
  • Necessary IT adjustments for current & new applications (e.g. the transformation onto SAP S4/HANA, B4/HANA, etc.) and/or identifying requirements to move systems into the cloud;
  • Preparation in case of changes in areas of workloads, business processes, technical infrastructure;
  • Reassurance for major changes to the SAP systems (e.g. upgrade, migrations, re-configuration, and customizations) by comparison of two individual measurements before and after the “change”.



The Fujitsu SystemInspection Service for SAP solutions offers support in order to:




The standard offering of Fujitsu SystemInspection Service for SAP solutions covers the measurement and performance reporting of an SAP system landscape of up to 20 system IDs (SIDs), of which up to 4 systems get further analysis and consultation.


This service covers three focus areas:


The basic scope of this service includes measurement, analysis of measured data, and a standard report to visualize the analysis results. In the standard service package, this is combined with consulting services for preparing the measurement and finally presenting and discussing the results.


SAP SystemInspection Assessment

After an initial measurement phase, the SAP system landscape is analyzed and evaluated with respect to a pre-defined set of performance KPIs. Potential bottlenecks are identified, and workload profiles are derived.

Service Scope

Measurement duration: Analysis-related, if necessary ad hoc (7 days and more).


SAP SystemInspection Comparison

Before and after analysis of the SAP system landscape in the time elapsed; comparison of
2 measurements with an identical or changed load profile.

Service Scope

Measurement duration: 2 x 7 consecutive days (general approach).


IT Infrastructure Transformation

Performance analysis of the existing SAP system landscape and determination of future project requirements for consolidating, migrating, and upgrading – both on site and/or in the cloud.

Service Scope

Measurement duration: 14 consecutive days, if possible covering the end of the month and/or other peak load phases.


For more detailed information on the Fujitsu SystemInspection Service for SAP solutions, please visit our data sheet. If you want to learn more about the FUJITSU SystemInspection Service for Storage, please take a look at our blog article.



Thomas Raimar


About the Author:

Thomas Raimar

Product Manager in the area of data center products Fujitsu EMEA with focus on software and solutions.


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