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Jul 29 2019

SAP users benefit from tailored hardware base

Almost without exception, SAP systems form part of a company’s indispensable, core applications wherever they are deployed. Not only is the smooth, uninterrupted operation of the Enterprise IT dependent on the SAP system, but it is also the basis for digitalization and innovation. It is all the more important, therefore, for SAP systems to be able to rely on future-proofed hardware.

The partnership between SAP and Fujitsu stretches back almost to the time SAP originated. Fujitsu has been an SAP Global Partner for over 40 years, and a Global Hosting Partner since 2006. In 2017, Fujitsu took the collaboration to a whole new level both globally and locally, with SAP as a Premium Partner.

The partnership operates at two levels: On the one hand, Fujitsu and SAP coordinate their hardware and applications right from the start, at the development stage, to ensure that they are compatible with one another. On the other hand, Fujitsu can offer global consulting, service, support and hosting for all SAP systems thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the SAP system environment. Fujitsu has documented a wide range of reference installations in a whitepaper that show how SAP users around the world benefit from the collaboration between SAP and Fujitsu.


Flexible hardware infrastructure for a central SAP system at Globus Group

For instance, the Globus Group, which is one of the major players in Germany’s retail sector with 46 SB warehouses, 90 DIY stores and six specialist electrical stores, turned to Fujitsu for hardware and services when it wanted to reorganize its ERP landscape. When it came to building a central SAP system that integrates all branch sites in the group, the hardware infrastructure needed to be high-performance and flexible. Fujitsu designed a concept for the Globus Group that was based on the “PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes” solution. The new system landscape now consists of PRIMERGY x86 servers, Cisco network components, a NetApp storage and virtualization technology from VMware. “Without the PRIMEFLEX systems supplied by Fujitsu, it would not have been possible to build our infrastructure within such a short timescale”, says Bernd Grande, Head of IT for the Globus Group.

For VBH Holding, the world’s largest trader in construction fittings for windows and doors, Fujitsu came up with a completely different SAP solution. The company, based in Korntal-Muenchingen, near Stuttgart, has a product range of over 150,000 items, and has 15 branches in Germany as well as a multitude of international sales outlets around the world. The project centered around rethinking the business warehouse on the basis of SAP HANA In-Memory technology. In order to do this, Fujitsu set up the required infrastructure in its certified, high-security data center. The new, SAP-based solution that will also be managed by Fujitsu went live after comprehensive testing, carried out in parallel with the existing data warehouse.


Response times reduced from minutes down to seconds

Oliver Maisch, CIO of VBH Holding, sees a plethora of significant improvements. Not only have the response times been cut from several minutes to just a few seconds thanks to the In-Memory technology, but the possibility to analyze extensive and complex data within seconds should lead to better customer relations, says Maisch, and running such operations in a certified data center increases security and availability. “Fujitsu’s highly professional consulting and support services were the deciding factor in our decision to migrate our business warehouse solution over to SAP HANA”, says CIO Maisch.

This, and a whole range of other examples of cooperation between Fujitsu and SAP in realizing innovative SAP solutions can be found in the whitepaper “Fujitsu & SAP Partnership”, which is available to download here.


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