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Jun 08 2021

The right cloud for the right SAP workload

In our digital economy, the success of organizations is being measured by their ability to capture, integrate, and utilize the value of data. With SAP applications and infrastructure solutions playing a key role in enterprise IT, organizations are keen to make sure they are ready for new data-centric challenges. Stay tuned to find out how to build your own hybrid cloud and what assistance Fujitsu can offer on such an important journey.

Today, businesses are operating in uncertain times. To ensure customer satisfaction, enterprises require data-driven, well-integrated infrastructure across edge-core-cloud for faster response times and speed to market for new solutions and service changes. At Fujitsu, we offer our customers a consultative approach to data-driven business transformation, enabling them to become data-driven enterprises across infrastructure, data, and SAP application landscapes.

Although one could be tempted to view the cloud as the go-to infrastructure model for all scenarios and workloads, it’s important to understand that migration isn’t a one-way street. Hybrid cloud – a mix of on-premises, public, and private cloud – could be a better fit, depending on how resource-hungry, predictable, and elastic the application is.

Hybrid cloud gives you the best of all data worlds for SAP-based infrastructure. With better control over your data, you can operate more successful analytics and quickly derive actionable insights to become a more effective player.

Resolving SAP data and workload challenges with hybrid cloud

The increasing complexity of SAP landscapes and the need to leverage the value of data can leave organizations struggling to stay in control. By combining hybrid cloud with your existing infrastructure running SAP, you will resolve all these challenges and more, achieving a data-driven transformation of your SAP Foundation:

Fujitsu SystemInspection Service for SAP Solutions: the inside track on SAP infrastructure

Becoming a data-driven organization means transforming from the ground up – across your entire IT topology. The first step is to analyze where you are now – which is exactly what the Fujitsu SystemInspection Service for SAP Solutions does. It creates a detailed inventory of your SAP infrastructure across edge, core, and cloud, including insights from SAP HANA systems. With a strong focus on SAP technology such as SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA, it delivers a complete understanding of current workloads, performance, and resource consumption.
At the end of this stage, you have a clear set of recommendations from Fujitsu on next steps – and with these insights, you will know which applications to move, which to adapt, and which to replace. You can rely on knowledgeable and neutral advice to ensure you gain the perfect combination of on-premises, off-premises, and cloud options.

Factors to consider in SAP workload placement

Your ideal workload placement might change over the workload's lifetime: evolving performance and service levels, security and compliance policies, disaster recovery scenarios, pricing and skills will affect where you choose to place workloads.
Fujitsu will offer you in-depth decision support for each of your SAP workloads, as well as the data foundation for detailed TCO analysis based on measured resource consumption.

Hybrid-enabled PRIMEFLEX for SAP environments

ImageIf your infrastructure runs across cloud and on-premises, you need systems that will not create barriers between infrastructure types. Fujitsu provides an SAP-certified reliable portfolio to run the workloads you keep on-premises: FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX is a hybrid-enabled SAP HANA certified infrastructure solution with in-built resource pooling and automation expertise. It enables you to consolidate your most important assets – your data – across workloads and infrastructure environments with ease. And because it is pre-tested, you gain a fail-safe integrated solution with a high level of RAS that integrates smoothly with your existing cloud infrastructure.
Allowing you to have the possibility to choose, Fujitsu works with an entire ecosystem of technology partners and cloud service providers to help you on your journey to becoming a data-driven organization.
When it comes to building a hybrid cloud that connects your on-premises infrastructure with public clouds, you need the connection to be seamless. One option is to use Cloud Management Stack for SAP software by our partner LNW-Soft to control and automate your SAP landscape – helping you get the maximum out of your cloud and on-premises hybrid setup. For data services, there is NetApp Data Fabric. This gives you secure, consistent data management wherever your data is located as well as efficient transport to the point of use.
Fujitsu also offers you a range of optional Managed Services around SAP – e.g. to manage your Azure workloads and SAP applications more efficiently, plus support for base operations.

Our experience in data-driven hybrid transformation

Data is the new business currency – and how and where you manage, store, and secure this vital business asset will set your strategic direction for years to come. Working with a partner who has decades of SAP advisory and operational experience can be your gateway to data-driven hybrid transformation with your SAP infrastructure.


For further information on the topic, please take a look at the following infographic.

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