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Jan 06 2020

PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

Public cloud services are a good fit for many requirements, but not all. Sometimes an application has to be executed in close proximity to existing on-premises systems or business users for performance purposes. On other occasions, compliance requirements or customer expectations mandate strict control over data location. This is where the on-premises infrastructure comes in handy - however, the added complexity and some clear disadvantages have often undermined its benefits. In order to offer you the best of both worlds, hybrid cloud solutions have emerged. Read below to find out why Microsoft Azure Stack Hub may just be the solution to your problems, and why Fujitsu is the best partner you can count on.

When it comes to cloud architectures, there’s no one-size-fits-all. To make it even harder, choosing on-premises over public cloud may not solve your company’s challenges. The hybrid cloud comes in as the solution which combines the best features of both on-premises and public approaches.

Microsoft stands out as the company which has arguably made great progress with hybrid cloud, and its approach is to bring its public cloud solution – Microsoft Azure – to on-premises environments in the form of Azure Stack Hub. In order to reel in the benefits of consistency, the Azure Stack Hub comes with an appropriately-configured underlying hardware layer, making sure that the UX and the look & feel are as similar as it gets with the Azure public cloud.

When embracing cloud architectures, it’s crucial to consider the physical infrastructure your company will deploy in its data center, and how well everything will work together. This explains Fujitsu‘s focus on high-performance yet energy-efficient, integrated systems, delivered with the tools you need to manage your Azure Stack Hub environment effectively and efficiently. To achieve a fully integrated service experience, your company will require help with licensing, application migration and data protection, plus guidance on your more strategic journey to a full multi-cloud approach.

At the center of our Microsoft-based hybrid cloud proposition is FUJITSU’s Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub. Buying Azure Stack Hub from Fujitsu allows you to avoid complex design, integration and deployment hassles by taking advantage of a tried and tested solution ready to plug in and go.

From a management perspective, FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) simplifies the infrastructure management, providing the functionality needed for fail-safe, flexible and automated operation via a single user interface. From a commercial perspective, a flexible range of options are available, including both consumption (pay-as-you-use) and capacity (per processor installed) models for your on-premises data center. Fujitsu additionally offers comprehensive support services and multiple financing options to make acquiring and implementing PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub quick, painless and efficient.



With an over 30-year relationship with Microsoft, Fujitsu provides major benefits to our customers. We can help you turn your core Azure Stack Hub system into a more complete and robust enterprise solution using our extensive range of ecosystem offerings.

An example is our ETERNUS CS data protection appliances that are invaluable when you are looking to simplify and consolidate backup and archive infrastructures. A hybrid and multi-cloud approach is crucial to your success in dealing with continually evolving business requirements. This doesn’t just require a sound strategy, but also the right set of tools and services. So, if you’re taking steps to prevent ‘service sprawl’, the Fujitsu Enterprise Service Catalog Manager (ESCM) helps make multi-cloud and on-premises services easily available to the end user in a controlled and fully transparent manner. Fujitsu Cloud Service PICCO can then be used to manage, monitor and optimize your hybrid cloud environment, giving real-time visibility of costs and budget control.




Fujitsu’s comprehensive portfolio will offer your company the perfect solution for every possible scenario:


By covering all these elements, Fujitsu is a one-stop shop to turn hybrid IT into a reality for your business as you continue to address the needs of today’s digital world.


Lakshmi Kanthan


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Lakshmi Kanthan

Specialist Marketing Manager


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