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30.10.2017, 23:10
Expand Raid - PY RX2540 M2 with PRA...
Dear Team,We have a Fujitsu server PY RX2540 M2 with PRAID EP420i Raid Controller for which we have ...
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27.10.2017, 15:20
iRMC remote media performance
Hello,I'm just switching form a long standing Compaq/HP server "relation" to more Fujitsu servers. I...
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18.10.2017, 10:57
Adding AST tier in SF Manager: Modi...
Thank you Mr. Rasche!Your answer was most helpful and it resolved this issue.Have a nice day!Regards...
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November 07, 2017
Over the summer, Intel launched its long-awaited, highly-touted Xeon® Processor Scalable family of CPUs, which was supposed to simplify cloud computing and virtualization as well as HPC and AI scenarios and drove the release of new server designs from the world's leading ICT vendors. Among the first products available on the market was Fujitsu's 2017 class of dual- and quad-socket rack and scale-out systems, collectively dubbed PRIMERGY M4. This fall, we are launching the 'second wave' of these systems, starting with the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2520 M4, the scalable rack server for essential business apps.
November 02, 2017
Fujitsu presents a newly designed family of business notebooks that is specifically targeted at office workers. The 15.6-inch LIFEBOOK E558 and the 14-inch LIFEBOOK E548 offer high performance, a rich feature list and support for a port replicator concept shared with the LIFEBOOK U7 family. Concurrently, the 15.6-inch LIFEBOOK E458 and the 14-inch LIFEBOOK E448 exhibit a modern design, extensive business features and best in-class security options at a very competitive price.
October 09, 2017
The idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a sapient, if not sentient entity created by humans in their own image – has fascinated people since ancient Egyptian sculptors alleged they were able to breathe life into the sacred statues they carved out of stone. Since then, the concept hasn't lost its attraction, although it didn't always come with positive connotations, in literature and movies at least. Over the past 60 years, however, scientists and engineers have tried to devise more humane forms of AI – devices that may help us solve existential problems instead of creating them. NVIDIA's GTC Europe conference provides us with a perfect platform to demonstrate our most recent advancements in the field.
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