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22.12.2018, 14:18
Expand Raid - PY RX2540 M2 with PRA...
We have come across this issue as well, and don't seem to have found a way around it (the server is ...
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20.12.2018, 18:40
RX2540 S1 fails to boot past iRMC s...
Hi everyoneWe've got an RX2540 M1 which won't boot past the Fujitsu splash screen (which shows the i...
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15.10.2018, 11:33
Caddys / Tray for TX1320 M3
Hi there.I do not believe the Fujitsu policy on this subject has changed.So NO you can not order dri...
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January 21, 2019
For most of us, the idea of quantum computing is akin to an exotic beast: Somewhere in the back of our minds, we know that it exists and that at some point in the future we might even be able to build proper machinery, which will be easily accessible and can solve real world problems that are unsolvable today. But what would you say if someone told you that it is possible to provide and utilize quantum-like capabilities and solve these problems in the here and now? Well, that would seem like this person had just claimed to have spotted Schrödinger's cat in the wild. This five-part blog will help us find out more.
December 07, 2018
Data center chiefs and their teams have long dreamed about infrastructure solutions for virtualized application environments that can be deployed in less than a day and start running immediately after setup. Our NFLEX package – which is brought to you as a co-creation from Fujitsu and NetApp, with dashes of Extreme Networks and VMware technology added to the mix – was developed to bring this dream to life.
November 12, 2018
Recently I looked at some photographs a customer had taken of his data center some six or seven years ago and was struck by the almost archaic impression: Jam-packed as it was with server racks, UPS cabinets and cables dangling everywhere, it looked more like the depot of a computer museum than an actual functioning installation of any kind. These days, more and more data centers don't appear nearly as crammed, thanks in large part to the arrival of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions such as our PRIMEFLEX packages that wrap up servers, storage and networking gear in a neat bundle and add the required software on top. It's apparent that the rapidly growing market for HCI has created the need for 10 or 40 GbE switches optimized for making these deployments more efficient. With the new PSWITCH series out of the gate, we can now provide all components that are needed for even more successful and expandable PRIMEFLEX deployments.
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