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Apr 02 2019

Innovation Meets Performance: Meet the New PRIMERGY M5 and PRIMEQUEST Generations (Pt. 3)


Citius, altius, forties (in English: faster, higher, stronger) is not only the official motto of the Olympic Games; it's also a perfect description of the logic the ICT industry has followed over the past couple of decades. Hence, every generation of processors and memory modules is more powerful and adaptable than the previous one, and so is the hardware building on these components. Consequently, developing and building new servers is a permanent exercise in enabling customers to produce better results with smaller effort. Our latest-generation PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST models are no exception to the rule. The final part of our blog introduces the latest additions to our PRIMEQUEST brand of business- and mission-critical servers.

Combining the power of Xeon® processors, standard specifications of Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems and a wealth of innovative features that ensure highest availability and business continuity, FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST systems were designed to deliver highest performance and provide superior levels of operational efficiency for business- and mission-critical computing with truly open standards. The idea always was to provide customers with technology that paired the efficiency of the x86-architecture with reliability levels comparable to those of a UNIX/mainframe architecture. As a result, PRIMEQUEST systems are ideal for processing Big Data, in-memory solutions and BI applications, while preserving all RAS qualities required for maximum uptime. Intel's latest-generation "Cascade Lake" processors and Optane™ memory modules make an already attractive platform look even more inviting.


Fig. 1: FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 3800B2

Like its immediate predecessor, the new PRIMEQUEST 3800B2 is an octo-socket system exclusively designed to run Platinum-level Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPUs with up to 28 cores that deliver clock speeds of 2.70 GHz in regular and up to 3.30 GHz in turbo mode, allowing for a maximum of 224 cores in a single system. (Processors with lower core counts and higher clock speeds are also available.) The key differentiator, however, is that the Cascade Lake microarchitecture supports more DDR4 memory as well as DCPMM technology, effectively allowing us to double or even triple memory capacities to arrive at 24 TB of conventional RAM running at 2,933 MHz, and of 36 TB with Optane™ added in, respectively – compared to 12 TB in the first-generation PRIMEQUEST 3800B. But since such comparisons are notoriously abstract, let's look at the impact they can have in real-world scenarios: Previously, data transfer rates between the CPU/main memory and SAS SSDs typically amounted to just over 1 GB/s in sequential reads and about half of that in sequential writes. With Optane™ unleashed, users get more than 5 GB/s in reads and up to 1.9 GB/s in writes – 4.6 times and 3.2 times the performance of the predecessor.

Given these core capabilities, it's no surprise that the PRIMEQUEST 3800B2 will easily master real-time data analytics. The large memory capacity also leaves enough headroom for high-density, high-capability virtualization. In short, the superior compute and memory performance in combination with 16 PCIe 3.0 expansion slots enables a no-compromise approach to the most demanding workloads. Moreover, the PRIMEQUEST 3800B2 offers a 'smart architecture' with advanced RAS and other management functionalities, including built-in CPU error detection, instruction replay execution, advanced memory protection, intra-socket and address range mirroring, system health checks and online firmware updates, all to ensure maximum uptime. And finally, all of this comes packed into a compact 5U design that sports a lightweight, space-saving footprint equipped with efficient cooling, thus helping to reduce electricity bills as well as overall greenhouse gas emissions.


Fig. 2: FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 3800E2

Purpose-built to optimize efficiency while maximizing performance and uptime in the most demanding mission-critical environments, the PRIMEQUEST 3800E2 stars in Fujitsu's portfolio as a more powerful cousin of the business-critical systems. To this end, it combines the economic and flexibility benefits of x86 industry standard systems with mission-critical uptime features while radically simplifying the required server architecture. The octo-socket server comes in a compact 7U design and features the latest Intel® Xeon® Platinum processors with up to 28 cores per processor for a total of 224 cores and delivers superior compute performance leading to efficient business results. With its high memory capacity of up to 24TB (DDR4 only) or 36TB with Intel® Optane™ DCPMM, the system can handle the large amounts of information that go with in-memory databases such as SAP HANA® and Microsoft SQL Server 2017, thereby becoming the perfect platform for highly complex, mission-critical workloads in Big Data environments.

The PRIMEQUEST 3800E2 provides enhanced performance in a significantly smaller form factor than most of its rivals, resulting in lower power consumption, significant cost savings and a smaller environmental footprint. Moreover, its advanced set of RAS features – including, among others, software and completely isolated physical partitioning, an active reserved system board to support automatic recovery, and redundancy of nearly every critical component – turns this server into a robust and cost-effective solution for customers running SAP or financial applications, especially when compared to UNIX®/Mainframe-based enterprise platforms. And not to be overlooked, a massive set of 56 PCIe slots offers a true plethora of expansion options.

With its powerful hardware and comprehensive, unadulterated feature set, the PRIMEQUEST 3800E2 is an ideal choice for high-volume, high-value workloads such as OLTP, batch processing, and database applications. Please note that Intel® Xeon® Gold processors are also supported to accommodate quad-socket system configurations with the 3800E2. Still, for higher performance scalability , Intel® Xeon Platinum is the more suitable option.

Availability and Pricing
Fujitsu's new PRIMEQUEST 3800B2 and 3800E2 systems are available immediately. Prices vary according to region and configuration.

Aswin Shankar


About the Author:

Aswin Shankar

Global Product Marketing – Server Products


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