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New X923 and X923-T
16.03.2014, 11:52
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I've been reading the public published datasheets and several things stare me:
Both all-in-one devices say that have IPS multi-touch pannels. I thought that the T versions means Touch, so the first one shouldn't be multitouch and in fact also shouldn't have presence sensor (at least that happens on X913 models).
Also stares me that the X923 weights 8,62 Kg meanwhile the X923-T weights 5,94 Kg, that's trueConfused On X913 that was the other way around.
Any idea when they will be availableConfused On roadmap talks about april 2014.

16.04.2014, 19:58  /  Latest edited: 16.04.2014, 20:00
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Hi Guillermo,

Thank you for your question - two of your assumptions are in fact correct:

- The ESPRIMO X923 weighs 5.94 Kg and ESPRIMO X923-T weighs 8.62 Kg.
- The ESPRIMO X923 has a non-touch IPS-panel and the ESPRIMO X923-T has a multi-touch IPS-panel.

The data sheets available from the Fujitsu main page are now correct; the error in the ESPRIMO X923 data sheet has been eliminated.

Regarding the presence sensor and face recognition, you may have misread the product information - both features are included with the optional multimedia module (webcam, microphone, and ultrasonic sensor) and have nothing to do with touch or non-touch.

All ESPRIMO X Series PCs have been available across the CEMEA&I region since March; pricing varies depending on country and configuration.

Best regards,

22.04.2014, 00:41  /  Latest edited: 22.04.2014, 00:43
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Many thanks for your answer, explanations and the corrections on both datasheets.
Checking last System Architect update (april)you're also right that's it's already available, but just for few configurations and only under Made4You, at least that's what it seems for Spain. I hope it will be soon completly available cause it's the only allinone solution that we can offer nowadays.
Let me ask you if the monitors are the same as the X23T-1 MHL or they have big differences. I've tested one of these monitors and I think they have a wonderful and innovative design and a terrible good image quality. Just one thing seems poor to me and it is that it only has a 70mm height adjust range. Testing it with some companions and with such a big stand it seemed poor to us, and that was our only "but" for these amazing monitor. Datasheet for X923 series says few things about the screen. On the X923T that could become completly flat I supose height adjust should seems better but no reference at all. It also say nothing about the MHL connector so I could imagine that it's not included on the PC's. Don't itConfused

Again, many thanks for your help.

23.04.2014, 14:01
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Hi Guillermo,

You have a good eye - the X23T-1 does in fact use the same IPS panel as the X923; however, the X923-T uses a different one that supports multi-touch.

Regarding stands, the ESRPIMO X923-T features an adjustable stand that can be tilted backwards by up to 90 degrees for a full flat working position and is optimized for touch panel usage; therefore it comes with a different hinge technology (compared to the Display X23T-1 MHL) that allows for the display to be put in a horizontal or vertical position.

Both the ESPRIMO X923 and the X923-T do not support MHL.

Best regards,

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