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Mass Configuration of BIOS settings
28.05.2018, 10:38

I have a customer with around 100 desktops (P520, P556, Q556), and I need to adjust the BIOS settings for all to:
- all have the same bios admin password
- to all boot at 7 am during weekdays
- enable wol

On top I need to write the clients internal asset tag into the bios.

Obviously I do not want to do it manually. Is there some supported way of doing this (remotely/centrally)?


31.05.2018, 23:53
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Hi Johannes,

We've forwarded your query to Fujitsu support and are waiting for feedback.

Best regards,

05.06.2018, 15:00
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Hi Johannes,

Fujitsu support says that this looks like a typical case for working with the DeskView Client. A brief overview of the toolset, complete with links to downloads and documents, is available here:

The toolset should enable you to create so-called desflash files, which then must be adapted for every PC model individually.

They've also suggested you or your customer arrange for a Technical presales call with Fujitsu support.

Best regards,

10.06.2018, 10:58
Hi Johannes,
Download DeskView Client (to be installed on all the clients) or DeskView Instant BIOS Management tool (no installation necessary).
You will find several tools like deskflash.exe (BIOS update and/or archive) and biosset.exe (set bios values).
Download the DeskView Client Manual (de or en) and read it, please. Smile

- all have the same bios admin password
Make use of biosset in this case.
Create a encrypted bios password first, can be done
at any PC with biosset.exe
BIOSSET.EXE /CRYPT="PasswordInClearText"
The result will be the"encryptedpassword"
Save the value!

Run at the target PC
BIOSSET.EXE /NEWPWC="encryptedpassword"

- all boot at 7 am during weekdays
BIOSSET.EXE /PWC="encryptedpassword" /time=07:00

- enable wol
BIOSSET.EXE /PWC="encryptedpassword" /WOL=ON

BIOSSET will do the job. How to run the commands is what you have to choose. Batch file, software management tools ......


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