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P556 analog Display Support
16.08.2016, 10:23
Hello everyone,

the P556 comes with two display interfaces:


Is it possible to use an DP to VGA Adapter to
use older displays ? DVI-D to VGA isn´t possible.

Thanks in advance

17.08.2016, 11:51
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Hi iller,

Thank you very much for your query. Fujitsu support is currently looking into the matter; we'll be back with an answer asap.

Best regards

19.08.2016, 09:24
Hello Iller,

You can use the VGA extension card, S26361-F2391-L222.

Kind regards,


31.08.2016, 08:42  /  Latest edited: 31.08.2016, 08:44
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Hi all,
in fact the easy way it's the DP to VGA adapter (order code S26391-F6055-L280). You could find close adapters from other vendors and they surely will work fine saving just a few euros. I've tried to find a cheaper DVI-D to VGA adapter but haven't found a good solution. I have even tried DVI-D to DVI-I converters and then DVI-I to VGA but doesn't seems to work fine and you really save a couple of euros. The main point it's that DVI-I combines digital and analog signals so its easy to switch to VGA which it's just analog. DVI-D, instead, it's just digital so it should need some more complex adapters. The question it's that, that's done with DP but none seems to have done with DVI-DConfused Anyway, try DP-to-VGA they are quite easy to find.

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31.08.2016, 09:25
Hello everyone,
thanks for sharing your insights.

frankly, using a 5-10€ dp-vga adapter makes
more sense then buying an 30€ addin card.
knowing that dvi-d does not easily suport
a conversion vga, i was concerned that dp to vga
might have the same problem. glad to hear that
isn´t the case.

Thank you for your help!

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