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Windows 10 and business
30.06.2016, 18:50
Hi everybody,

About a year after the launch of Win10, how do you rate its usability in business scenarios? Do you use it yourself, and if so, what are your experiences? And what kind of input do you get from your customers?


07.07.2016, 18:41
Having more concern about M$ Privacy policy for Win10... So, in my world, before selling/using Win10 I need some 15 minutes explaining to my customer(s) what does it mean by accepting that policy...

From my point of view, Win10 should be banned from public sector.

From compatibility point of view, some people doesn't have any issues (the biggest majority), but those who has an issue, he's on his own...

...and, at the end, I'm very glad to see more and more people/companies migrating to Linux... in the past year, there were many "loud voiced" around yelling proLinux... and noone actually did anything in the real world (beside yelling)... and at this moment, noone's yelling, but more and more people are asking for machines that work seamlessly with linux(es)... and Microsoft is, on one hand, very polite to leave us 4-5 years time to migrate in peace, and on the other hand, their aggressive KB3035585 campaign is so irritating...

08.07.2016, 23:56
Hi Josip,

Thank you very much for your detailed reply, and for making your position very clear. And of course you're right -- today we have the very comfortable situation that most business applications are compatible with all relevant Linux distributions. Still, every now and then there may be a customer who explicitly wishes to migrate to Windows 10. How do you handle those cases?

Please, folks, feel free to join this discussion! Wink

Best regards

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