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Feb 15 2016

Greener than Ever: Top-of-the-Line ESPRIMO Desktops


Starting in fall, Fujitsu has refreshed its superior line of ESPRIMO desktop PCs with the new P956 and D956 models that replace outgoing ESPRIMO C and E lines, and an unprecedented "high-end mini PC," the ESPRIMO Q956. The key advantage of all these 'newcomers' is that they pair excellent performance with unexpectedly low power consumption, not least thanks to the use of 6th-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors with vPro™ technology.

For nearly three decades, Fujitsu has been a leading promoter of an environmentally sound approach to enterprise computing. The products and solutions we introduced along the way range from low-radiation monitors through green PCs made predominantly from recycled components to lead-free motherboards, Energy Star-compliant desktops and notebooks, and mini PCs. Meanwhile many other vendors have picked up on the concept, but so far, this only served as a stimulus for our own efforts to continually serve up building blocks for a truly green IT every year. The product cycle of 2015/6 is no exception to the rule – this time around, we strengthened our position in the area of eco-friendly, human-centric enterprise computing by introducing fresh top-of-the-line desktops as well as a leading-edge mini PC, all of which are equipped with particularly efficient PSUs and can be configured to help companies reduce PC energy consumption by up to 41% (ESPRIMO Q956) and thus considerably lower power bills.

As you know, FUJITSU ESPRIMO PCs are available in three different flavors: all-round, advanced, and superior. While the underlying technology is largely the same, especially with regard to processors, these product lines use distinct Intel chipsets and also differ in term of manageability and security, depending on whether the processors support vPro™ technology. The ESPRIMO D956 and P956 belong to the superior category and are equipped with 6th-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors (aka "Skylake"). In more detail, the key characteristics of the new desktops look like this:

  • The FUJITSU ESPRIMO D956 is a 'classic' compact desktop PC designed for standard office environments where space is typically scarce. Thanks to an innovative hardware design and optimized cooling concept, the ESPRIMO D956 is also extremely quiet – and may even be turned into a Zero Noise PC when fitted with an SSD and appropriate PSU (see below). Equipped with a quad-core Intel® Core™ i7-6700 processor running at 3.4 GHz (4 GHz in turbo mode) plus matching chipset and up to 64 GB of DDR4 main memory, the ESPRIMO D956 will easily take on the most demanding office and enterprise workloads – and still remain manageable even in complex settings, because it takes full advantage of Intel's vPro™ technology baked into the CPU and Fujitsu's own DeskView suite of tools. Lastly, all ESPRIMO D956 models support our innovative LPAM (Low Power Active Mode) technology, whose main advantage is that it keeps all network connections alive – e.g. for incoming emails or calls – while eating up 20% less energy than the regular idle mode.
  • The FUJITSU ESPRIMO P956 is basically identical with its desktop cousin, only here the components are packed into a microtower instead of a compact housing.

A Word about Power Supplies
As outlined above, all ESPRIMO D956/P956 models were designed to work in particularly challenging usage scenarios. In many cases, this would also turn them into 'power hogs' that require unreasonable amounts of energy. By contrast, our new ESPRIMOs are different by design – they come with a new generation of integrated power supplies. These PSUs enable substantial power savings, thereby helping companies to reduce their electricity bills as well as their workplace systems' ecological footprint. Better still, they won't have to make huge efforts to incur these benefits; all they need to do is pick the proper configuration and start saving.

To further simplify the process, we've limited the choice of PSUs to a mere three models, one with 85%, one with 90%, and one with 94% efficiency. Moreover, this last PSU has been explicitly optimized to accommodate so-called light load scenarios where PCs operate at 5 to 10% of their average capacity. As a result, even the 'blandest' ESPRIMO D956 configuration – i.e. one equipped with a 3.5 inch HDD and E90+ (aka 90% efficient) PSU – will consume 10% less energy than its two year old predecessor, the ESPRIMO E920, provided LPAM is activated. Pitted against four year old systems, it may save up to 40%. And that's not the end of it: the most eco-friendly setup with a 2.5 inch or M.2 SSD, E94+ PSU and LPAM turned on could help to cut power bills by almost two thirds – needless to say, these are savings per system per year.


The FUJITSU ESPRIMO Q956 replaces the earlier Q920 model. Just like its predecessor, it's a full-fledged PC, but in miniature format – weighing no more than 1.6 kilograms (3.53 lbs.) and measuring 186 x 191 x 59 mm, it makes the small form factor D956 with its 8 kg (17.6 lbs.) and 332 x 338 x 89 mm look clumsy in comparison. Aside from that, the ESPRIMO Q956 offers largely the same features and functionalities as its desktop and microtower cousins, with the main difference being that RAM capacity is restricted to 32 GB – which is still more than enough for most usage scenarios. Moreover, it has VESA connectors (so may be mounted to a display) and – much unlike competing mini PCs – a flexible bay allowing users to add an optical drive or security devices like SmartCard readers or our own PalmVein sensors for biometric authentication. However, as with the D and P models, the single biggest improvement was that by using a 90% efficient integrated PSU and LPAM, our developers were able to cut power consumption by 41% compared with the 18 month old ESPRIMO Q920. And that's an internal-only improvement – we haven't even begun to look at other vendors' mini PCs that typically rely on standard external power adapters with 87% efficiency.

To learn more, please visit the ESPRIMO product page – or better still, check back with your Fujitsu account manager.

Corinna Kammerer


About the Author:

Corinna Kammerer

Product Manager Desktop PC, Fujitsu


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