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Oct 10 2013

All in the Family: Fujitsu Thin and Smart Zero Clients Form Consistent Product Line


Fujitsu has treated its Thin Clients and Smart Zero Clients as separate product lines for several years. But looking at data sheets and positioning cards published in recent weeks, you will find that as of Q4/2013, they all have been regrouped into one single, streamlined Thin Client family. Apart from joining together what belongs together, we also wanted to make it easier for customers and channel partners to find and compare clients for common VDI and Server-based Computing (SBC) scenarios.

Following the new approach, there are now three product categories where once were four:

  • Optimized Thin Clients are replacing the Smart Zero Client group and comprise the FUTRO Z220 and FUTRO L420/620 models. These devices are either based on an ARM® architecture or Teradici™ SoC and come with matching firmware pre-installed. The FUTRO Z220 connects to Citrix back-ends, whereas the L420 and L620 connect to VMware back-ends; in addition, all models offer hardware acceleration for the respective communication protocols, HDX and PCoIP. Optimized Thin Clients are best suited for environments where workspace is scarce and saving energy is a must.
  • Flexible Thin Clients make up the largest segment of the product family and include devices from the former All-round, Advanced and Superior categories, namely the FUTRO models A300, S700, S900, and X913/X913-T. Unlike optimized clients, these are built around x86 processors, which means they can use both eLux™ RP or Microsoft Windows® Embedded Standard 7 as operating system. Along with Citrix (via HDX protocol) and VMware (via PCoIP protocol), they also connect to Microsoft back-ends based on its communication protocol RDP/RFX.  With a wide variety of interfaces, these clients provide best-in-class connectivity and expandability.
  • Thin Client Upgrade Kits are software packages designed for Fujitsu ESPRIMO C/E desktop PCs and Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E/S series notebooks. In all of these cases, Thin Client operating systems are installed on those devices. As a result, Thin Client Upgrade kits are an ideal fit for SBC and VDI applications that require maximum performance. Plus, they're also the perfect solution for users who plan to migrate their classic PC infrastructures to a modern, virtualized platform, but want to protect their hardware investments. Additionally, the LIFEBOOK-based upgrade kits support mobile use cases.

Quintessence: Fujitsu has regrouped its Thin and Zero Client portfolio into one single product family. As a result, it is now easier to compare products and find the right devices for popular usage scenarios. All systems, solutions and related use cases are continuously available and supported.

For detailed information, please read our new positioning card.

What do you think about the rearrangement? Does it serve its purpose?


Bernd Germandi


About the Author:

Bernd Germandi

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Fujitsu


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