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Jun 17 2020

FUJITSU’s Desktop PCs and Workstations – Get to Know the New Powerful Generation

The rise of the digital workplace is forcing renewed interest in modernizing the PC fleet in enterprises. In view of this fact, Fujitsu is excited to announce the new 2020 systems available in our ESPRIMO and CELSIUS portfolio. Don’t miss the great improvements we’ve brought in for you.


The FUJITSU’s ESPRIMO desktops and CELSIUS Workstations just got better! With the aim of providing you with the best available technology, Fujitsu has refreshed its well-known desktop and workstation portfolio. In this article we’ll provide you with an overview of the main features and improvements available this year.



Coming with the latest Intel® Chipset technology and the 10th generation Intel® Core™ Processors, the ESPRIMO Desktop portfolio is divided into four product areas: Mini PC, Compact small Form Factor, Microtower and All-in-One.

In the Mini PC area, we have the ESPRIMO Q and G. The old Q958 and Q558 now combine to offer a new product in the Q series, the ESPRIMO Q7010:



ImageWith excellent performance and integration capabilities, the ESPRIMO Q7010 is an elegant full-fledged mini PC. Equipped with 10th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors, it comes with an optical drive, an integrated power supply and up to 11 USB ports, including the latest USB Type-C connector. Being a Zero Noise PC, its integrated power supply means less than 5 watts power consumption in idle-mode. It is ideal for embedded usage, such as in PoS systems, with extended availability of 24 months and optional IoT operating system. It’s now available in both stylish black and elegant white.


In the ESPRIMO G series, we have a new superior product besides the upgrade of the stylish ESPRIMO G558 to ESPRIMO G5010: the ESPRIMO G9010.



ImageAs a mini PC with ultra-compact design (eye-catching exclusive modern design with a volume of only ~0.9 liters), the ESPRIMO G9010 takes up your challenges, but not your space. Also equipped with 10th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors, it guarantees high performance in a small mini PC design, while at the same time being a low noise mini PC with fanless cooling as an option for an ergonomic workplace. The ESPRIMO G9010 suits varied usage scenarios, and its flexible mounting options make it the perfect device for home office scenarios. It also offers great connectivity with a single Type-C connection, and provides legacy support for standard mini PC interfaces: 2 displays, 7 USB, LAN and audio.


In the Small Form Factor, the ESPRIMO D series now comes with a space saving design which comprises a new housing and a volume of 8.3L for both ESPRIMO D7010 and ESPRIMO D9010, unlike the 8L &10L systems in the past. Both the desktops now have a smaller footprint for space-saving in the vertical position.




When it comes to the Microtower, the ESPRIMO P958 Power just got a new name: it is now called the ESPRIMO P9910.



ImageEquipped with 10th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors, the P9910 offers energy efficiency together with high performance. Its powerful performance due to more CPU, graphics power, and a 680 watt power supply which enables usage of special purpose cards, ensures plain sailing when it comes to demanding business applications. With ultimate expandability, it allows you to custom-size your computing performance according to your business needs. The ESPRIMO P9910 offers superior system management based on the stable Intel® vPro™ technology platform and DeskView manageability suite. Best-in-class connectivity is ensured with a Type-C option, supporting 60 Watt output power to run a display without extra power supply.


In the All-in-One portfolio, the ESPRIMO K5010/24 now comes with 3-side frame-less display. The webcam is hidden behind the display for security reasons, and speakers are in-built for multimedia applications. It is easy to service thanks to the service door, and has a cable cover to protect and lock the I/O section. This product is now available in elegant white.




Performance upgrades in refreshed CELSIUS workstations

Fujitsu has added two new desktop workstations to its CELSIUS portfolio – the CELSIUS J5010 (Small Form Factor segment) and the CELSIUS W5010 (Microtower segment).


  • CELSIUS J5010

Now available with a new compact housing (8.3L), which is 17% smaller than the previous generation system, the CELSIUS J5010 comes with the latest 10th Gen Intel® Core™ and the powerful Intel® Xeon® W-1200 processors. It can accommodate full-height graphics cards, up to the NVIDIA® Quadro® P2200. With up to 128 GB DDR4 2,933 MHz memory (incl. ECC), CELSIUS J5010 is a reliable workhouse, built for 24/7 operation with high-endurance & business critical drives. It comes with a cable cover, dust filter, intrusion switch (in addition to existing SmartCard reader) and cabinet lock with master key option. This powerful and whisper quiet workstation is ideal for Computer Aided Design (CAD) as well as for use in design, visualization, multimedia and manufacturing.


  • CELSIUS W5010

Also featuring the 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and the powerful Intel® Xeon® W-1200 processor family, the CELSIUS W5010 has a new housing, too, with dual-slot full-length graphics cards, and supports up to NVIDIA® Quadro® RTX 5000. With up to 128 GB DDR4 2,933 MHz memory (incl. ECC) and configurable power supply options (680W & 300W), the W5010 presents itself as a reliable workhouse with robust security, innovative design, great expanding capabilities and ease of use.


Don’t miss the opportunity to fulfill your business potential and grow with ESPRIMO, and have the right hardware to accelerate your software applications with the CELSIUS Workstations.


Jnanankur Ghosh

Suman Singh


About the Author:

Jnanankur Ghosh
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Jnanankur is the global product marketing manager for client computing devices in Fujitsu. He has several years of experience in the IT product and services ...

About the second Author:

Suman Singh

Global Product Marketing Manager, CCD, Fujitsu


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