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Aug 26 2019

Repurpose your existing mobile & deskbound devices to newly re-purposed thin clients using FUJITSU’s Thin Client Migration Solution

Cloud computing is becoming more and more secure, robust and prevalent each year. Companies are beginning to understand the advantages of moving from a local laptop/desktop-based model of operating to a client cloud computing scenario. In partnership with Unicon Software, Fujitsu has come up with a solution that helps you protect your existing IT investments and switch to a more flexible, scalable and secure client cloud computing infrastructure. Learn more about how you can do just that.

Why switch to a cloud computing infrastructure with Fujitsu?


Thin client devices present a compelling case if you want a centrally managed, secure and standardized way of delivering a consistent desktop experience to users across your organization. However, the costs of switching from your existing (and functional) laptop, PC and workstation-based infrastructure to a leaner client cloud computing infrastructure can lead to heavy, upfront acquisition and implementation costs. In addition, phasing out perfectly functioning IT hardware does not help the argument when it comes to protecting existing IT investments.

Fujitsu's Thin Client Migration Solution works around these constraints by addressing the inherent challenges when switching to a cloud computing infrastructure. The FUJITSU Thin Client Migration solution ensures that you retain your existing hardware base by converting them to thin clients. You always have the option of switching completely to FUTRO thin clients later, once these "converted" devices reach their actual end-of-life (EOL).

The benefits don't stop there, as FUJITSU Thin Client Migration also helps your company to avoid on-site installation costs and work through remote migration, while saving time and effort with larger roll-outs, and allowing the creation of OS images that meet specific security guidelines and the stringent compliance requirements of your specific industry.


How it works | Hardware Compatibility process & typical workflow


If your company has an installed base of 1000+ mobile PCs and/or deskbound units, it's important to ensure that the specific hardware is compatible with eLux RP. That verification involves several steps:


Figure 1: Hardware Compatibility Process


To save time for the customer, and to obtain eLux certification for specific configurations, Fujitsu has designed a service that hands over all the required steps to the Fujitsu experts. The FUJITSU Thin Client Migration solution enables you to protect your existing investments, migrating your installed base to a more secure and manageable cloud computing infrastructure. The Thin Client Migration solution also cuts down the work, with the following simple workflow to get started on your client cloud computing journey:

  1. Visit the 'Assess your IT' page;
  2. Fill in your details in the query form;
  3. Receive thank you email with next steps;
  4. Download the Thin Client Migration Assessment form;
  5. Fill out the required details in the Assessment form;
  6. Send the Thin Client Migration Assessment form via email.



Figure 2: FUJITSU Thin Client Migration Workflow


The advantages of Unicon Software


Unicon Software is a leading provider for cloud computing solutions in combination with secure end-point devices such as thin clients. Unicon has industry-leading hardware agnostic eLux® RP Thin Client OS and Scout Enterprise Management Suite®, ideal for running and managing large fleets of thin clients across an organization. Some of the features and benefits are:




Unicon's flexible licensing policies are also an important advantage, making it extremely easy and convenient to migrate to client cloud computing using existing IT hardware such as desktops and laptops. Flexible migration at no upfront costs enable companies to fully understand how they can implement a centralized, secure computing environment once those devices reach their end-of-life.


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Wolfgang Schestak

Salil Lawande


About the Author:

Wolfgang Schestak

Senior Product Manager FUTRO Thin Client Solutions, Fujitsu EMEIA

About the second Author:

Salil Lawande

Global Product Marketing, FUTRO Thin Clients and FUJITSU Thin Client Migration Solutions


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