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Aug 18 2016

Optimized Ergonomics on a Neat Desk: FUJITSU Accessory Universal Monitor Stand


Anyone who's ever worked with classic PCs of the tower or pizza box variety knows that these designs pose two real problems: one, they eat up valuable space, either underneath the desk or on top of it. Two, connecting them to peripherals can be positively painful, because cabling is complicated nobody wants to look at a bunch of wires rolled into a ball. In other words, it was – and in many cases still is – hard to keep such workplaces tidy and organized.

Still more irritating is the fact that despite the arrival of a class of ultra-small devices the problem hasn't vanished in recent years. Nowadays, work desks tend to be crowded with accessories such as USB drives, Bluetooth speakers or headsets, and an armada of companion devices, namely tablets and plus-size smartphones.

So much for the bad news. The good news is that oftentimes a few minor changes are enough to substantially improve the situation. That's why Fujitsu is offering a plethora of useful accessories that turn tidying up the workplace into a rather simple task. Our focus today is on the Universal Monitor Stand (UMS; pictured above)), the tool of choice for organizations that want to keep their offices tidy and treat their employees to better ergonomics.

Why a Separate Monitor Stand?
The quality of desktop monitors and displays has greatly improved over the last decade. Unless a company is forced to hold on to 17 or 19 inch CRTs, its employees will likely be looking at a 21 inch or bigger screen with HD resolution or better and matching color performance. But even if they're using top-of-the-line 27 inch 4K displays, two annoyances will often remain. The first is that regular monitor stands usually occupy a lot of space; for instance, some come with a diameter or width of 25 cm (10 inches) or more, leaving almost no room for a mouse and a keyboard in an already restricted environment, let alone other equipment and means. Secondly and even more annoying, they may lack adjustability, so there's no way to move the display up or down or give it a certain tilt angle in order to fit with individual user requirements. As a result, employees may be able to enjoy the best possible viewing experience, but only if they assume unnatural working positions that leave them with back aches or eventually migraines. By contrast, Fujitsu's UMS will cure both of these ills.


Fig. 1: FUJITSU Accessory Universal Monitor Stand: homestead for the ESPRIMO Q and A series...

Fujitsu UMS: Specs and Benefits
With measurements of 213 x 290 x 391 millimeters (roughly 8 x 11 x 15 inches), the UMS offers a solid footing for all FUJITSU Displays that don't exceed 24 inches (61 cm) in size. Users may flexibly attach their personal devices to a 100 mm VESA mount with a set of thumbscrews. The mount itself is height-adjustable within a range of 130 mm (5 inches) and allows for tilt angles between -5 and +30 degrees. In other words, the UMS not only eats up less desk space, but will help almost anyone assume the working position that suits them best. As if that weren't enough, the UMS can also serve as a homestead for our smallest, most eco-friendly client computing devices: the FUJITSU ESPRIMO Q series of mini PCs and A series thin PCs perfectly fit into the base of the monitor stand and can be secured to it with a Kensington lock and cable (cf. Fig. 1 above). Alternatively, users may place one of our FUTRO L420, S720 and S920 Thin Clients on the backside of the stand and lock it there (cf. Fig. 2 below). In both scenarios, they'll be rewarded with an even larger portion of free desk space where they can store paperwork as well as writing and drawing utensils. Contrary to what one might expect, these setups won't result in complicated cabling or a lack of serviceability: our picture at the top shows that even with a display and mini PC in place, the maintenance crew still has easy access to all connectors and drives and literally need nothing but a screwdriver to perform repairs or replace defective components.


Fig. 2: ...and FUTRO Thin Clients

With all of these characteristics combined, the UMS is already a highly attractive accessory, but by no means "universal." That's why our product developers decided to make it compatible with all types of third-party displays so long as they feature a VESA interface and weigh no more than 4.5 kilograms (10 lbs.). In other words, the FUJITSU Accessory Universal Monitor Stand suits almost any kind of setting and office environment – and that's an advantage you won't find very often in this age of vendor-specific add-ons.

For more information, please see the UMS data sheet (PDF). And don't forget to check out the peripherals and accessories in our catalogue.

Bernd Germandi


About the Author:

Bernd Germandi

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Fujitsu


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