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Nov 12 2014

NAS Devices: Benefits for Branch Offices

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It is not only the big companies where data must be backed up by legal regulations and business service levels. There are also many smaller firms, with branch offices or home offices, which need the exact same support. Often there are no trained IT-staff in these smaller offices, meaning that they require backup scenarios which provide simple, flexible and cost effective solutions.

There are many ways to backup data in branches with a minimum of administrative effort. Fujitsu Storage CELVIN® NAS offers comprehensive support for whichever method works best in a given environment.

CELVIN® NAS as backup-to-disk destination
The simplest and least expensive method for SMEs to secure Windows® client data is to deploy a single CELVIN® NAS in combination with NetBak Replicator. This license-free tool enables users to store folders and files from complete disk drives on one or more CELVIN® NAS systems, or to back them up to remote sites via FTP or WebDAV. Moreover, NetBak Replicator incorporates features like Auto-Backup that enables automatic replication of new or changed local data and Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to support backup of opened files during instant or scheduled backups.

In recent years, many small businesses and branch offices have benefitted a lot from the trend towards virtualized environments and services. Following this trend, CELVIN® NAS now supports all leading virtualization platforms – including VMware® ESX server, Citrix® XenServer, and Microsoft® Hyper-V – and offers iSCSI or NFS storage repositories to which primary storage devices for these platforms may be backed up. In addition, the device also works with third party software such as Veeam or plug-ins like VMware VAAI in order to simplify data protection and replication and increase performance.

In branch office environments with only a few users, CELVIN NAS can be used to back up data from an FTP remote server or NAS via real-time remote replication, synchronizing files from a remote folder to the local CELVIN® NAS folder.

Backing Up to a Remote Site with CELVIN® NAS
In the past, massive data losses and backup troubles have taught companies that relying on local backups and primary data stored in one facility means putting their data in jeopardy. As a result, most IT teams today rely on offsite replication – and not just as a recommended best practice, but as a standard method to prevent "data disasters." Still, SMEs and branch offices often struggle with implementing the concept – simply because their file and NAS servers weren't built for it.

By contrast, CELVIN® NAS systems can run remote data backups at any time thanks to their built-in real-time remote replication (RTRR) software, which in turn may be linked to a data center. The main benefit here is that RTRR constantly monitors all source folders on the NAS and instantly replicates any new, changed or renamed file to the matching target folder on the remote device. This is particularly useful in scenarios where small amounts of data must be transmitted to a main data center at regular intervals or where the bandwidth allocated for remote replication over the WAN isn't sufficient. With RTRR, users may compress their data during file-based transmission to allow for better performance. If that alone doesn't help, they can always run a scheduled or asynchronous replication, e.g. an overnight backup, using RTRR or Rsync. Rsync transmits data at the block level (as opposed to the file level), which could further help to cure transmission problems that result from bandwidth restrictions. What's more, CELVIN® NAS also supports incremental replication.

Most companies will want to make use of their existing backup infrastructure. CELVIN® NAS devices seamlessly integrate into these infrastructures, supporting third party applications (for example CA® ARCserve Backup, Retrospect®, Symantec® Backup Exec, Veeam), and enabling WAN transmission optimization that makes better use of bandwidth from remote or branch offices to centralized data centers. CELVIN® NAS can also leverage the advanced functions provided by these backup solutions, including built-in deduplication, instant recovery, granular restoration, and SSH-based encryption for data in transit.

For customers seeking affordable, yet powerful small storage systems, Fujitsu's CELVIN® NAS devices come as close as it gets to the ideal solution: with raw capacities ranging from 2 to 24 TB and a comprehensive feature set not usually found in this price range, they easily meet the regular storage needs of small firms and branch offices – and even offer several functions one wouldn't expect in a simple NAS.

Nikolaus Haas


About the Author:

Nikolaus Haas

Product Manager Peripherals at Fujitsu CEMEA&I


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And if you look for somthing bigger, check out the Fujitsu ETERNUS Storage range
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