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May 18 2018

FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance: Thin Client with Contactless PalmVein Authentication Sensor


The FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance is a ready-to-run Thin Client Appliance that has an integrated biometric system for authenticating users based on their vein patterns making it the perfect choice for security-sensitive workplaces, healthcare scenarios and for specific applications in VDI environments.

The FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance combines a flexible, versatile and easily manageable Thin Client with an integrated PalmSecure sensor. Fujitsu PalmSecure is a unique, biometric authentication technology that offers palm vein recognition enabling a contactless, secure login into the user's workspace. The FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance is the ideal choice for organizations with workplaces that require a high level of security in a virtualized world. Companies operating in verticals that have stringent compliance regulations, such as banking and financial services, healthcare and so on can leverage the obvious advantages offered by such a unique combination.

PalmSecure and Multi-Factor Authentication
The FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance facilitates multi-factor authentication, thus helping to safeguard sensitive data or business-critical applications from unauthorized access. Apart from the palm vein recognition component, the device can also be supplemented with additional security elements such as an internal smart card reader. The FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance also enables the implementation of very high security standards required by enterprises by supporting advanced BIOS security, centralized administration, granular access controls and Write Filter Protection preventing attacks from within or from external players.

Fast and Ultra-Secure Biometric Authentication
The FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance has a built-in sensor that recognizes a user's vein pattern by using near-infrared light, thereby generating a unique biometric template that is then hashed and verified against a pre-registered hash in the Active Directory (AD) to authenticate the user, as explained in the video below. 

Vein patterns are unique to individuals and contain detailed characteristics, so a template can be created for each user. The sensor of the palm vein device only recognizes this pattern if the deoxidized haemoglobin is actively flowing within the individual's veins – effectively prohibiting even the most radical attempts of deceiving the system. PalmSecure is accurate, easy to use and contactless, helping to protect user privacy while maintaining enterprise-grade security norms consistently since no biometrics are ever stored in AD.

Versatile, Capable and Easily Manageable Thin Client
In addition to its advanced security features, the FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance is a flexible and high-performance Thin Client ideal for server-based computing (SBC) and all kinds of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) scenarios. The FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance supports up to two 4K displays, offers a rich supply of ports including front and rear USB 3.1 ports, and is more than ready for UC&C applications (Unified Communications and Collaboration).

The FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance is based on an Intel® Pentium® Silver processor and runs the versatile and secure eLux® RP 6 Thin Client OS. eLux OS has a transparent licensing model and coupled with the Scout Enterprise Management Suite® 15 enables effective and efficient management of software images, settings and configurations across the enterprise. eLux and Scout go a long way in enabling enterprises to have a centralized administration and granular access control in addition to protecting their IT investments over a long period of time.

The FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance is designed and manufactured in Germany, fulfilling high quality and reliability standards resulting in a long lifecycle and a maintenance-free operation.

Learn more about our FUTRO Thin Clients offerings, how the FUJITSU Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) program provides unprecedented choice that exactly fits your customers' needs and how PalmSecure helps enhance security for enterprises in various fields such as Manufacturing, Energy, Finance, Facilities, Logistics and much more.

Wolfgang Schestak


About the Author:

Wolfgang Schestak

Senior Product Manager FUTRO Thin Client Solutions, Fujitsu EMEIA


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