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May 31 2018

Refresh of Fujitsu’s ESPRIMO PC Line-up with 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors and Two New 8-Liter Desktops


The new platform offers a significant performance boost, faster connectivity, faster storage options and more. Two new ESPRIMO models (ESPRIMO D538 and D738) also allow for a 20 percent decrease in their chassis design.

FUJITSU has recently refreshed its ESPRIMO PC line-up with the incorporation of 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and latest-generation H310/Q370 chipsets. The new line-up consists of these models:

Their new 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors offer several advantages, not the least of which is a significant performance boost. Depending on users' needs, this allows for two possible consequences: Either the new machines can deliver up to 19 percent more computing power if a user wishes to stay within the same performance class. Or customers can choose to step down (for example from a Core i7 to a Core i5), maintaining roughly the same performance but bringing down energy consumption and thus the carbon footprint of the systems as well as their operating costs.

Faster Peripheral Connectivity
The new processors and chipsets feature additional advantages such as faster peripheral connectivity via USB 3.1 Gen 2 aka "Superspeed+," which allows for data rates of 10 Gbit/s. The new ESPRIMOs also introduce the Intel® Optane™ SSD cache, which provides accelerated, solid-state drive-like performance from more cost-effective, larger capacity hard disk drives. In practical usage, this option can, for example, reduce boot times by about 5 percent. Both high-performance features are available in the ESPRIMO D/P958, D738 and P758 models.

Smaller Footprint
Another important feature of the new ESPRIMO generation is that the computers have become significantly smaller. For the two small form factor desktop PC models ESPRIMO D538 and ESPRIMO D738, this reduction is at 20 percent, bringing down the volume of their cases from ten liters in the previous generation to now only eight liters. This is in line with the trend towards smaller, less-visible PCs. The use of less material as well as an increased percentage of recycled materials used in device manufacturing contributes to lowering the carbon footprint.


Fig. 1: The new ESPRIMO models D538 (left) and D738 (right)

FUJITSU also consciously reduced the number of power supply options. While the previous generation of the ESPRIMO P/D75x and P/D95x offered a choice of three power supplies (E85+, E90+ and E94+), the new models contribute to a clearer product range by reducing the number of variants to only two (E85+ and E94+).


Fig. 2: Rear view of FUJITSU ESPRIMO D538 with E85+ power supply connector


Fig. 3: Rear view of FUJITSU ESPRIMO D738 with E94+ power supply connector

Remote Diagnostics and Maintenance with Intel® Standard Manageability
For larger business environments, the ESPRIMO D738 and ESPRIMO P758 models optionally support Intel® Standard Manageability (ISM), enabling functions like remote system diagnostics and remote maintenance without a service technician's physical presence. This even works in cases where the hard disk is damaged or the operating system installation is faulty.

As the system may be mounted out of the user's sight or reach, the new ESPRIMO generation supports system switch-on via the keyboard. The newly introduced keyboards have a power key for this function. On existing keyboards, either a "moon key" (if available) or the key combination CTRL+CTRL can be used for this purpose. FUJITSU now has new keyboards available, including a Skype-for-Business keyboard and a palm vein keyboard with integrated PalmSecureTM Sensor.

Higher Computing and Storage Performance
The new, eighth generation of Intel® Core™ CPUs offers up to 6 cores with 12 threads, delivering a very high performance where needed. As already mentioned, customers can alternatively benefit from the overall performance boost of the new processors by choosing a lower-cost model that will still provide roughly the same computing power as older CPUs from a higher class (e.g. customers could decide for a Core™ i3-8100 instead of a Core™ i5-7400 without performance degradation).

As far as storage performance is concerned, all new ESPRIMO systems support fast NVMe SSDs based on the M.2 form factor. In the high-end systems ESPRIMO D958, P958, it is even possible to expand this option to a data-protecting RAID1 setup by adding a second NVMe SSD which then is mounted on a 4xPCIe carrier card.

New Powerful CPU in Micro Tower
The new ESPRIMO P958/power is designed to offer an advanced version of power supply, with a high margin of energy for PCIe cards and featuring 12V power connector. This model is further strengthened by the introduction of the Core™ i7-8700K, a CPU from Intel's 90-watt power class. It turns this microtower into a highly expandable, high-power PC, which can easily handle complex, demanding tasks and advanced applications.

Dust Filters for Harsh Environments
With all their sophisticated and high-performance features, the ESPRIMO PCs are still eligible for operation in harsh and dusty environments. For such situations, the ESPRIMO models D538/738 support the attachment of special dust filters on their front bezels that prevent dust particles from being sucked into the system. Afterwards, necessary maintenance can be simply performed from the outside with a standard vacuum cleaner. For the ESPRIMO P558/758 and 958, the option of adding dust filters will be available in the third quarter.

The new and complete ESPRIMO portfolio is available for order across different geographies, including Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA), with identical functions and order numbers. This is not only great news for the channel, but also for customers who require world-wide rollouts to their subsidiaries. More power and speed, smaller chassis design and a lower carbon footprint – when it comes to FUJITSU's new ESPRIMO portfolio, the message could not be clearer.

Suman Singh


About the Author:

Suman Singh

Global Product Marketing Manager, CCD, Fujitsu


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