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Aug 01 2019

Learn how you can avoid upfront hardware costs and migrate using the FUJITSU Thin Client Migration Solution

Are hardware costs and licensing constraints keeping you from adopting cloud computing solutions for your organization? Are you exploring the possibility of replacing your existing hardware with thin client devices without heavy expenditure upfront? Learn more about how the Fujitsu Thin Client Migration Solution is the approach for your company, and get started on the Client Cloud Computing journey today!

Adopting a cloud-computing approach is not always an easy or hassle-free task. Companies avoid getting started on this journey since the upfront hardware and software costs are prohibitive. However, there is a workaround that can prove beneficial in the long run.

Why Client Cloud Computing?

Client cloud computing is a rising phenomenon primarily since bandwidth speeds are increasing and cloud is becoming more and more prevalent and a de facto way of provisioning client devices while security in the cloud context has also improved dramatically. Not to mention the advantages of managing large fleets of devices in a centralized way.

The Fujitsu Thin Client Migration Solution is here to demystify the idea that virtualization adoption is a complex, painful, time consuming and expensive change for a client cloud computing experience — the baseline being an easy migration process with a clear focus on cost savings, be it hardware or expensive software licensing costs.


Figure 1: Why Fujitsu Thin Client Migration Solution makes sense


Why Cloud? Why now?

It goes without saying that cloud computing is becoming more and more prevalent, stable, secure, and robust with each passing year. Companies are also aware of the advantages of moving from a local laptop/desktop-based delivery model to a Client Cloud Computing approach by leveraging the power of the cloud.

Client cloud computing is enabled by virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and server-based computing (SBC), helping IT departments to centrally manage large fleets of client devices – securely, effectively and efficiently – protecting enterprise data and content that is constantly being generated every working day.

How FUJITSU and Unicon software are enabling the move to client cloud computing

FUJITSU and Unicon Software have collaborated to provide a solution that helps your company protect existing IT investments by switching to a more flexible, scalable and secure client cloud computing infrastructure.



Figure 2: Benefits of migrating to a Client Cloud Computing infrastructure using Fujitsu and Unicon software


The FUJITSU Thin Client Migration Solution enables you to retain your existing hardware by re-purposing it to thin clients, which can then be easily re-deployed as part of your client cloud computing implementation across your organization.

While some end-of-life OS platforms push organizations to get rid of perfectly functional IT resources with ownership costs that had not yet been recovered, the FUJITSU Thin Client Migration Solution helps you to avoid such scenarios. This is done with a focus on avoiding any upfront investments needed in terms of buying newer thin clients, since you can re-purpose older devices that are still functional. This approach enables you to extend the working lifecycle of your company’s existing hardware, enabling you to save costs since no new hardware is required. On-site installation costs and work on remote migration can also be avoided, helping you to save time and effort with larger roll-outs.

Partnering with Unicon software helps with ease of licensing since all eLux Thin Client OS licenses deployed on the re-purposed desktops and laptops can be transferred when you finally have to purchase newer hardware. This helps reduce the burden of upfront investment costs, translating into savings that can be used for other IT projects that might have a higher priority in your company.

Initiating your Client Cloud Computing journey has never been easier. To get started please visit our dedicated links on the FUJITSU Thin Client Migration Solution offering and assess your IT today!


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Wolfgang Schestak

Salil Lawande


About the Author:

Wolfgang Schestak

Senior Product Manager FUTRO Thin Client Solutions, Fujitsu EMEIA

About the second Author:

Salil Lawande

Global Product Marketing, FUTRO Thin Clients and FUJITSU Thin Client Migration Solutions


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