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Jun 12 2018

Smart and Seamless Meetings with FUJITSU ESPRIMO MRE and Intel® Unite™


Fujitsu's ESPRIMO MRE Solution, based on Intel® Unite™, helps avoid wasting time and make meetings more convenient and productive. Apart from improving convenience and ease-of-use, this solution also ensures secure connections for all participants.

Who has not yet experienced the frustrating routine: Valuable minutes at the start of a meeting pass while the presenters are looking for the right cables, dongles or adaptors, trying to identify the correct input of the meeting room's screen or beamer or struggling with their computers or other mobile devices in order to set the correct screen resolution or sharing mode? This time-consuming and annoying ritual is likely to become a thing of the past, thanks to FUJITSU ESPRIMO MRE.

This solution aims at enabling smarter, more human-centric conferencing. To reach this goal, FUJITSU has teamed-up its powerful and multi-functional ESPRIMO Q957 mini PC with Intel® Unite™. This strong combination can transform any conventional meeting room into a smart, connected meeting center.

Wireless Sharing Instead of Connecting via Dongles or Adaptors
The basic idea is as simple as it is powerful: Any participant's device such as ultra-slim notebooks, tablets or even smartphones with limited or at least very specific connectors can be hooked up wirelessly to the FUJITSU ESPRIMO MRE. The solution not only enables local screen sharing, but also allows participants to seamlessly connect to a meeting remotely from effectively any location. The platform allows for screen, content and file sharing, collaboration such as making annotations to another participant's presentation or comparing the notes of different users. The meeting's moderator can combine the shared screens of up to four participants side-by-side on the central screen or video projection. It is even possible to distribute different shared inputs to more than one screen or video beamer. And of course, remote participants can see and interact with all shared content on their devices as well.

The use cases addressed by this solution include classical meetings as well as education, collective development, collaboration and other comparable scenarios.

Intel® Unite™ Client Apps Available for Many Relevant Platforms
The only requirement on the participant's side is the Intel® Unite™ Client software, which is available for a vast range of operating systems, such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome OS. Smartphone or tablet users who are locally present in the meeting room can even share their content via Android's Miracast or iOS's AirPlay functions without the need to install a client app.

Convenience and Security at the Same Time
The solution is equally convenient as it is secure: Participants need a 6- or 8-digit PIN code to join a meeting. If it is correct, it will allow them to set up a secure SSL-encrypted connection to the meeting host. The moderator always has comprehensive control about whom he allows to join the meeting and who can share their contents with the other participants.

Made-to-Measure Installation Options
On the infrastructure side, Intel® Unite™ includes several core components: The Server software can run in a company's datacenter or on a computer with a Windows Server operating system. The Hub software is the core appliance for the meeting room, installed on the FUJITSU ESPRIMO MRE which then provides the connection to the screen(s) and/or video projector(s). Additionally, the Intel® Unite™ Client software allows the moderator to control and steer the meeting to her or his requirements.

There are two installation options for the Server software component which are targeted at different company and meeting sizes: Intel® Unite™ Small Business and Intel® Unite™ Enterprise. The following chart shows the differences in requirements and features.


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Various Options, Extensions and Accessories Available
The Intel® Unite™ system can be extended with several specific plugins that link the platform to solutions like Skype for Business, WebEx, Cisco TelePresence and/or several meeting room camera and audio systems. These plugins also provide additional features such as protected guest access for external participants. Fujitsu has added additional functionality to Intel® Unite™ via its own plugins – the access options for Android and iOS mentioned above have been realized this way, as well as an MRE screenshot function. In the near future, the Intel® Unite™ Client and Hub software will also become able to interface with room and facility equipment such as lighting, temperature and/or windows blinds controls.

Additionally, FUJITSU offers a number of specific accessories for its ESPRIMO MRE Solution: The CS300 Comfort Sensor is an infrared sensor which tells the system whether participants are present in the meeting room, waking up devices or displays based on predefined settings. The PR08 USB 3.0 Port Replicator can connect two additional displays if needed. And a VESA Mounting Kit with a sub-adaptor can be used to mount the ESPRIMO Q957 mini PC behind a display on a stand, providing a cleaner look to the meeting room as well as preventing accidental damage or reset of the hub device.

Smarter and Better Meetings with FUJITSU ESPRIMO MRE and Intel® Unite™
The well-thought-out and multi-functional meeting room solution delivered by FUJITSU ESPRIMO MRE and Intel® Unite™ helps to avoid wasting time at meetings, improves their manageability and security and brings more convenience and productivity to business meetings as well as various education and collaboration scenarios.

For a quick overview of ESPRIMO MRE Solution, check out the video below.

Suman Singh


About the Author:

Suman Singh

Global Product Marketing Manager, CCD, Fujitsu


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