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May 16 2018

Versatile and Capable Additions to Fujitsu’s FUTRO S Family of Thin Clients


Fujitsu's new Thin Client models FUTRO S940, FUTRO S740 and FUTRO S540 offer distinct advantages to organizations that count on SBC, VDI and cloud applications.

Thin Clients are one of the most secure end-point computing options for organizations operating in certain verticals such as insurance, higher education, health care and so on. These micro-sized deskbound devices are the ideal way for leveraging existing server-based computing (SBC) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) scenarios – scenarios that can be harnessed to reliably and securely deploy cloud-based applications across the organization.

Fujitsu builds on its extensive experience and expertise in having catered to the Thin Clients category and market for more than 20 years. Deep expertise has resulted in a versatile FUTRO device portfolio that fulfils the needs and requirements of clean desk and future workplaces resulting in a more safe, secure, ergonomic and human-centric approach toward computing. As a result of these efforts, various enterprises and academic organizations such as HUK Coburg, the Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta (LUMSA) and the King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) rely on Fujitsu FUTRO Thin Clients for meeting their business objectives.

Best Performance Coupled with the Smallest Form Factors in Their Device Class
FUTRO S940, FUTRO S740 and FUTRO S540 are the latest additions to the FUTRO S Series Family, representing the best choices within Fujitsu's Thin Client portfolio. These compact, flexible and highly expandable Thin Client devices are based on the Intel® Pentium® Silver (FUTRO S940) and the Intel® Celeron® (FUTRO S740, FUTRO S540) processors designed to handle any type of demanding workloads in SBC and VDI environments delivering the right amount of performance each time, every time.

The FUTRO S540 and FUTRO S740 are especially ideal for clean desk scenarios owing to their high performance specs encased in an ultra-compact form factor. Companies can also look into different expandability options to further extend the functionality of these devices as and when required.

The FUTRO S940, FUTRO S740 and FUTRO S540 can obtain their operating power over an Ethernet network cable using the Power over Ethernet (PoE) option that effectively does away with power cords and a cluttered workspace. Additional ports allow for a variety of peripherals. For example, the FUTRO S940 can support up to three 4K displays over its DisplayPort DP1.2a video interfaces and an additional display over DVI – while the FUTRO S740 and FUTRO S540 can accommodate up to two 4K monitors for multi-monitoring scenarios found in all modern workplaces.

The latest generation of FUTRO Thin Clients also have front and rear USB ports (3.1 Gen 1, and 2.0) plus optionally one or two additional Type-C port(s) at the rear. As a proof point of Fujitsu's great attention to detail, the USB Type-C cables can be firmly secured to prevent disconnection of accessories such as signature pads in banks since theft of or tampering with such devices would result in significant efforts for both customers and employees. With their low power requirements, optimal performance-to-power ratios, long lifecycles, fanless designs and no moving parts the FUTRO S Thin Clients are also ideal candidates for Green IT programs which can be found in many organizations.

Easy Manageability and High Security Standards
But Fujitsu's experience and expertise in Thin Client computing reach much further than just offering versatile and reliable hardware. Another important aspect is the easy manageability provided by Fujitsu's partner Unicon Software and its Scout Enterprise Management Suite® 15 which is available for every flexible FUTRO model.

Scout Enterprise enables the lean management of software images, settings and configurations enabling a centralized administration and granular access control coupled with built-in BIOS security in addition to supporting various authentication methods such as smartcards. In terms of Thin Client operating systems, companies can choose between the modular eLux® RP 6 or the embedded Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise depending upon their existing infrastructure.

The Fujitsu FUTRO Thin Clients S series family is completely designed and manufactured in Germany, fulfilling the highest quality and reliability standards resulting in a long lifecycle and a maintenance-free operation. Fujitsu is committed to providing computing solutions that promote security, flexibility and manageability to an organization's IT teams, saving time and support costs while providing performance and ease-of-use.

Learn more about our FUTRO Thin Client offerings and how the FUJITSU Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) program gives you unprecedented choice that exactly fits your organization needs.

Wolfgang Schestak


About the Author:

Wolfgang Schestak

Senior Product Manager FUTRO Thin Client Solutions, Fujitsu EMEIA


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