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Apr 17 2015

Always at Hand: Biometric Authentication with FUJITSU PalmSecure ID Match, Pt. 2


Identification and authentication solutions have been a cornerstone of digital technology since the first electronic access control systems emerged in the 1970s. Today, these systems are practically ubiquitous: airlines, banks, hospitals, hotels and state agencies will only serve people who are able to identify themselves and prove their status as a customer, employee, patient, guest or citizen. The second part of this blog explains how Fujitsu turned palm vein recognition into a key part of its new identification and authentication solution.

PalmSecure ID Match: the Multi-Purpose Solution
With PalmSecure ID Match, Fujitsu has transformed this technology into a full-blown, multi-functional, highly adaptable solution for a wide variety of usage scenarios ranging from border control through hospital registration to cashless electronic and mobile payments. The entire package consists of an easy-to-use terminal (pictured at the top) with multiple card readers (contact based, contact less, magnetic stripe), PalmSecure Sensor and preinstalled demonstration software, plus a software development kit (SDK). Matching support/service packs are available as options. With PalmSecure ID Match, Fujitsu brings an extra layer of security to identification and authentication systems that previously relied solely on badges and cards. In other words, it provides a relatively simple method to progress from single-factor to multi-factor authentication.

To achieve this, a template of a person's palm vein pattern is stored within the chip of a SmartCard. Card holders simply have to present their 'passports' (e.g. SmartCards or RFID cards) to the reader and then place their palms above the sensor so that the terminal can confirm the match, and they're done. It's hard to imagine anything less invasive. Best of all, this so-called match-on-device process is actually more secure than standard methods, because the template never has to leave the card – meaning there's no need to upload it to a central server or the cloud, where it could be compromised.


The PalmSecure ID Match terminal includes the following components:

  • Based on ARM technology
  • 4.3-inch touch display
  • Fujitsu PalmSecure Sensor
  • Contactless RFID card reader (ISO14443)
  • Contact-based card reader (ISO 7816)
  • Magstripe card reader (optional)
  • Status LED
  • LED for card reader and PalmSecure activity
  • Housing with full tamper protection (planned for mid-2015)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) or AC adapter
  • SDK with demo application
  • SDK for integration in customer application
  • Linux-based software stack and firmware


Depending on individual customer demands, PalmSecure ID Match can either be deployed as an "intelligent system" or serve as a simple control device in larger security architectures. The first variant works exactly as described in the previous paragraph, offering customers the double advantage of improved security and associated cost savings, since they won't have to run a card holder database. In the second case, the terminal integrates with an overarching solution running on an existing server; here, the match process may also be carried out by the host instead of the terminal. This is particularly helpful in single sign-on environments, where ID Match results may serve as PC or network logins that grant users access to work resources, or other one-time authentication scenarios. The Linux-based firm- and software stack was specifically optimized for the terminal, so that all interfaces and devices are supported at OS level, adding an extra dimension of flexibility. What's more, the software comes enriched with a host of protective mechanisms, including secure code execution, secure recovery, and secure firmware updates. Also included is an SDK that provides access to system functions for complex administrative tasks and enables flexible solution integration. The SDK also includes a demo application that explains how the registration of data on smart cards and the matching process work.

FUJITSU PalmSecure ID Match is particularly interesting for channel partners with a strong focus on security who wish to expand their portfolio, and/or for those with a strong customer base in retail, banking and healthcare. As per usual, the offering includes a comprehensive support and service package, ranging from assessment and planning to system integration and end user trainings. For more information, please contact

Part1 of this blog, which describes Fujitsu's PalmSecure technology, is available here.

Nils Wittler


About the Author:

Nils Wittler

Head of Embedded Platforms Center at Fujitsu EMEIA


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