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Nov 16 2015

Fujitsu Adds New Members to CELSIUS Family of Workstations


Fujitsu is introducing new models – named CELSIUS W and CELSIUS J – to its workstation lineup in order to meet customer demands for smaller, yet more powerful workstations and a minimum lifecycle of 36 months, while at the same time achieving maximum performance scores and low noise emissions. In addition, we're also expanding our P Line of premium displays with a 27-inch, 4K device.

Designed, engineered and produced in Germany, the new FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS W and CELSIUS J were developed to carry out particularly demanding tasks and applications, for instance in video editing, mechanical and electrical CAD, engineering, and financial transactions. Moreover, thanks to their low noise emissions and extended product lifecycles, they also respond to specific demands in healthcare. All models appear at a time when Fujitsu celebrates 80 Years of Innovation and 25 Years of Workstation Expertise at this year's Fujitsu Forum in Munich.

Featuring the latest Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v5 family processors, a broad choice of professional graphics cards and storage devices, including super-fast PCIe SSDs that permit instant access to core applications and reliable, high-endurance drives designed for long-term operation, the new CELSIUS J550 small form factor and CELSIUS W550 desktop workstation power through jobs that bring even high-end desktop PCs to a grinding halt.

Expandable and Enduring: FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS W550 and CELSIUS W550 Long Lifecycle
Fujitsu's popular entry-level desktop workstation CELSIUS W550 is now available in a standard and a long lifecycle edition. Both systems deliver an abundant choice of components at an affordable price, among them Intel® Xeon® or Core® processors (optimized for performance or energy efficiency), up to 64 GB of DDR4 main memory, up to five storage drives (SSDs, SSHDs or HDDs) with a total maximum capacity of 27.5 TB, and a broad selection of graphics solutions ranging from cost-saving integrated modules to discrete high-end cards from AMD's FirePro™ and NVIDIA's Quadro® and NVS® families. Both systems support Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 in their professional 64-bit editions and are awaiting certification for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server/Desktop. While the CELSIUS W550 is known for reaching maximum levels of expandability, configurability and scalability, the CELSIUS W550 Long Lifecycle adds in a new dimension of endurance, as it is the only system in the market that guarantees a minimum lifespan of 36 months for the entire platform. For detailed information, please look at the data sheets here and here.

Since 2012, Fujitsu has provided more than 30,000 CELSIUS workstations to Siemens Healthcare, a global leader in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and healthcare information technology. Siemens Healthcare develops innovations that enable better patient outcomes with greater efficiencies, giving providers the confidence they need to meet the clinical, operational and financial challenges of a changing healthcare landscape. "Fujitsu's ability to deliver to our highly specific needs regarding lifecycle management and excellent customization services enable Siemens Healthcare to optimize infrastructure roll-out and reduce administration efforts due to seamless integration with our existing IT infrastructure," says Reiner Jung, General Manager, Medical Electronics, Siemens Healthcare.

Small and Powerful: FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS J550
The CELSIUS J550 (pictured at the top) is the newest and smallest member of the CELSIUS workstation family. Being 66% smaller than the W550 models, it's the ideal device for working environments with limited space such as digital signage, trading floors or control rooms, but also offers a more-than-satisfactory mobile solution for hospitals. Its innovative design supports full height graphics and a legacy PCI slot (optionally) within a 10-liter capacity. With regard to processors, RAM, graphics and OS support, it is on par with the desktop models mentioned above, while a maximum storage capacity of 13.5 TB and native support for PCIe SSDs set it apart from most competing hardware. The CELSIUS J550 data sheet is here.

"FUJITSU CELSIUS workstations have an outstanding reputation with professionals. Combining the NVIDIA Quadro platform with the engineering skills of Fujitsu results in a powerful and versatile small form factor workstation," says Walter Mundt-Blum, Vice President Enterprise EMEAI at NVIDIA. "The CELSIUS J550 can house a Quadro K2200, delivering supreme performance in a very small envelope. With NVIDIA's Mosaic technology it can also drive up to 8 displays, making it a great choice for multi-monitor environments."

27 Inches, 4K Resolution: the new FUJITSU P27T-7 UHD Display
The perfect match for CELSIUS graphics power comes in the form of a new high-end display for creative professionals working in fields like industrial design, CGI animation, magazine layout or game development. The P27T-7 provides unmatched performance and an outstanding picture quality with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels UHD resolution. Designed for pixel-, color- and performance-hungry applications, it will show the finest details in graphics-heavy applications, while its Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function enables users to comfortably show content from two discrete sources on a single screen. Moreover, an adjustable stand allows them to keep a comfortable position during extended usage, thus fulfilling central ergonomic demands. The rotation to portrait-format for multi-display usage and a multitude of UHD supporting interfaces turn the P27T-7 UHD into the optimal possible companion for FUJITSU Workstations. The new display will work best in combination with Windows 10.

Pricing and Availability
FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS systems and P Line Displays are available globally from Fujitsu and distribution partners. As per usual, all CELSIUS models are subject to our made4you customizing program. Pricing varies by specification and region.


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