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Jul 27 2018

Dropbox / Gmail Integration via Add-On

Workgroups relying on Gmail and Dropbox have long waited for a tool that would help them to better synchronize content between the two platforms. The Dropbox for Gmail add-on, which is available from the G Suite Marketplace, fulfills that need.

As per Dropbox's own description, the tool "presents all email attachments and Dropbox-linked files and folders in a centralized, native Gmail panel" and works with Android devices as well as Google's Chrome browser. Support for iOS-based devices is expected soon. From the panel, users can

  • View all email attachments and Dropbox-linked files and folders across email messages in a thread
  • Save any Dropbox files or email attachments to any folder in your Dropbox account
  • See who sent content as well as when and how they sent it
  • Access the add-on functionality, regardless of their browser or device

The tool was designed to cut down time users spend searching for attachments or Dropbox content in email threads, enable users to directly save Gmail content to Dropbox and ultimately streamline the workflow between both platforms. More functionality, including the ability to preview and share links through a so-called "compose experience," will be added later this year.


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