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Jan 22 2016

“Walking the Digital Tightrope”: Fujitsu Report Looks into the Challenges of Digital Transformation

IT journalists and market observers have hailed 2016 as the year in which companies all over the world will finally kick off the long-awaited "digital transformation" of their successful business models, thanks to a massive boost in cloud computing resources and wide adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. As a matter of fact, "digital transformation" will be one of the key topics at this year's CeBIT exhibition, which is scheduled for March 14 through 18 in Hanover, Germany. A recently published Fujitsu report offers a more sober perspective.

Like it or not, cloud computing and the IoT vision today already have a massive impact on how people work and live: Whether it's an activity tracker or a NAS filer, practically any device you purchase today is either connected to some cloud service ex works or may be easily hooked up once you remove the package. It goes without saying that the ubiquity of connected devices has already changed, and will continue to alter the way in which companies do business and employees do their jobs (think remote server management by smartphone/app). However, a vast majority of organizations in European countries is, at best, insufficiently prepared to execute the projected digital transformation – at least that's the tenor of "Walking the digital tightrope," a study commissioned by Fujitsu and carried out by Censuswide, a UK-based market researcher specialized in online surveys.

Last October, Censuswide conducted one such survey among nearly 650 IT decision makers and CEOs at companies located in the UK, Germany, Spain and Sweden. The goal was to find out what business leaders think of their organization's ability to actually master the challenge. The results were sobering: while most participants agreed that digital transformation will be "fundamental" to future success and showed great confidence in 'their' IT departments' capacities, they also revealed a considerable amount of uncertainty as soon as the researchers started to dig a little deeper. For example, two in three respondents found it "hard to agree what to do" in terms of digital transformation – in other words, they struggle with conflicting priorities or have no apparent plan for connecting technical improvements with actual or expected business benefits. A similar amount suspects they might be going too fast and could benefit from a more levelheaded approach that allays the most important doubts, such as recurring security concerns. Ultimately, roughly 75% of the participants admitted that the process of digital transformation projects was more or less "a gamble" whose success depends on their ability to develop and apply a consistent strategy as well as the skills needed to deal with recent or up-and-coming technologies.

To download the full study as well as Fujitsu's recommendations for solving the issues connected with digital transformation, just log into your TechCommunity account and click the link below (membership required).


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