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Oct 18 2017

Get Smart with Fresh Fujitsu Workstations!


Fujitsu has further expanded its already large workstation portfolio with a completely redesigned CELSIUS M770 and a refreshed CELSIUS R970 model.

Remember the debates about the 'death of desktop computers' everybody used to have a couple of years ago? While it was challenging and fun to take sides, they ultimately served as little more than background music for a somewhat unexpected turn of events – instead of fading into obscurity, workplace systems simply became more powerful and versatile. Today, even average PCs often sport at least two multi-core processors with clock speeds around 4 MHz, 16 GB of RAM, and at least 1 TB of internal storage space. And that still excludes the gamer kit you'll find in many homes. At the same time, truckloads of systems have been remodeled in an effort to adapt to new technologies and reflect changing workflows; so it's safe to say that while desktops may no longer be the fast-sellers of old, they're also a far cry from dead. In fact, to quote an old Frank Zappa joke, they hardly even smell funny.

As per usual, what's true for desktop PCs is even truer for workstations. Like their counterparts, they've come a long way since Intel first introduced its brand of Core i-processors in 2008; only in their case, the leaps forward turned out to be considerably greater. Over the past three years alone, they've been attuned to meet the demands of an almost countless set of compute-intensive, multi-threaded applications in fields like scientific simulation (e.g. fluid dynamics and climate modeling), electronic design or – more recently – realistic, lifelike VR and AR scenarios. The very same logic applies with regard to the most recent additions to our workstation portfolio, the FUJITSU CELSIUS M770 and CELSIUS R970, which were introduced at last week's GPU Technology Conference in Munich, Germany. Both models benefit from the performance of freshly launched Intel® Xeon® W and Xeon® Scalable Processors as well as the extended capabilities of Microsoft's Windows 10 Pro for Workstations and – in the case of the M770 – some 'extra smarts' that derive from a new motherboard design.

Those new motherboards are also a main driving force behind the updated features, enabling an innovative new workstation layout and significant original housing characteristics. In the case of the FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS M770 (pictured above), this not only earned us a Good Design Award, but brings about meaningful enhancements in terms of usability, upgradability and serviceability. More specifically, we are talking about

  • Smart access: The single-processor workstation has a sleek new chassis that makes key components – in particular storage disks – easy to access. Since these are often removed at the end of a workday, we now conveniently place them in a front disk tray that opens at the push of a button, just like a tray for regular optical discs. In this case, it holds four cold plug disk drive slots, designed for standard 2.5- or 3.5-inch HDDs or SSDs. In addition, the new I/O interface at the front comes in two options, one providing easy access to the USB Type-C connector.
  • Smart usability and serviceability: Along with adding an aluminum handle for easy transportation, the new design also features a side access door that reveals a cable-free internal housing with dedicated service doors to make internal storage, power supplies, PCIe cards, memory modules and system boards readily accessible. That way, they can be easily replaced either by users themselves or by service team members, without requiring specialist tools.
  • Smart security: For simple yet effective data protection, the M770's front and side access doors are lockable. Plus, the PSU now features an intrusion switch which immediately flags any unauthorized access via the DeskView Desktop Management Software.
  • Smart thermal management: To keep the heat generated by processors and graphics cards under control, the M770 features an innovative airflow design. This comprises three separate cooling channels that route fresh air through the workstation and across key components.
  • Smart power supply: Also included are a number of smart power features, the most visible of which is a cold-plug functionality that makes removing power supplies almost excessively easy. Moreover, the CELSIUS M770 supports IoT-specific data evaluation: admins can capture certain information such as working time or the PSU serial number (via the IPMI-FRU). In addition, diagnostic software enables them to extract information such as usage data, temperature and the power output of the PSU.

The refreshed FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS R970 dual-processor desktop workstation for its part features CPUs from Intel's Xeon® Processor Scalable Family with up to 56 cores, 1 TB DDR4 2,666 ECC memory and up to 2x 1 TB Fujitsu SSD PCIe cards. Moreover, It can host up to two ultra-high-end graphics cards like the NVIDIA Quadro P6000 and AMD Radeon Pro WX 5100 or three high-end 3D graphics cards. As mentioned above, the system is also equipped with Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, which can address up to 4 CPUs and 6 TB of main memory and includes features like the fault-tolerant Resilient file system (ReFS), persistent memory in the form of NVDIMM-N modules, and SMB Direct, which supports networking adapters with RDMA capability. Thanks to this setup, the CELSIUS R970 is ideally suited for extremely demanding, memory-intensive, multi-threaded applications such as high-end design and visualization as well as various HPC tasks, e.g. simulation and big data analysis.

The CELSIUS M770 and CELSIUS R970 and other fresh workstation solutions will be a hot topic at this year's Fujitsu Forum, which will be held at the International Congress Center Munich (ICM) on November 8 and 9, 2017. Please visit our Forum webpage for more information.

See you soon in Munich!


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