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May 30 2018

Samsung Introduces 10nm-Class Memory Modules for Notebooks

The Korean electronics and memory technology giant announced it has taken up mass production of a new line of small outline dual in-line memory modules (SoDIMMs) aimed at boosting the gaming capabilities of laptop computers.

According to the official press release, the new modules are fabricated following a 10nm-class process with process nodes ranging from 10 to 19 nm, meaning they are about half the size of their immediate predecessors, which used 20nm-class lithography and an 8 gigabit data transfer rate to deliver a total memory capacity of 16 GB. By contrast, the fresh SoDIMMs are not only considerably smaller, but carry with them a higher total capacity of 32 GB, a 2666 MT/s standard transfer rate (up 11% from 2400 MT/s), and use almost 40% less power (4.6 instead of 7.5 watts) in so-called 64GB active mode configurations where two 32GB memory modules are working side by side.

Samsung has also pointed out that it's planning to expand the usage of its new dies across various types of platforms – LPDDR for smartphones, GDDR5 (graphics cards) and standard DDR4 modules running in desktop computers and server systems. In April, the company had already conveyed it had started the mass fabrication of 16Gb LPDDR4X DRAM modules meant to be built into cars.


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