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Sep 27 2018

TechCommunity CCD WebTalk: “New ESPRIMO G558 – Fujitsu’s Smallest, Ultra-Compact Business Mini PC”

As you all know, Fujitsu has long treated customers to powerful, eye-catching mini PCs that help users save energy, support flexible usage scenarios, and let them tidy up individual workplaces as well as entire offices. In keeping with this proud tradition, we're launching the new FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO G558 this fall. Our upcoming webcast includes all the information you need to start selling the device successfully.

The FUJITSU ESPRIMO G558 offers advanced desktop PC functionality in an ultra-compact, space-saving design. It is VESA mount-compatible and supports new workplace scenarios with a single Type-C connection. With its modular design and dual-display support, the ESPRIMO G558 enables users to 'tune up' their workspaces according to individual requirements; one can easily create a personalized all-in-one PC that sits on top of a clean, clutter-free desk. Moreover, the ESPRIMO G558 supports flexible mounting options – aside from being attached to displays, it may also be mounted on a wall or under the table. Its compact size and wide range of interfaces make the FUJITSU ESPRIMO G558 an ideal choice for offices where space saving is critical for the business.

In our webcast, we will cover the many advantages of our latest-generation mini PC as well as all relevant USPs. Your hosts Andreas Burghart, Product Manager, ESPRIMO PCs, CCD, and Andreas Steidle, Category Product Manager, ESPRIMO PCs, CCD, have the following agenda prepared for you:

  • Introduction
  • Product positioning
  • Technical overview
  • Ordering information
  • Product structure, System architect and sizing

This TechCommunity CCD WebTalk is scheduled for Friday, September 28, at 11:00 AM CEST. To register for this event, please click on the link below:

(TechCommunity membership required.)

Important information: Participation in our WebTalks provides an extra path for SELECT Experts to gather points required for your annual re-certification, in this case for those among you who have specialized in the field of Client Computing Devices. In other words, all arguments speak for attending this session!


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