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Apr 15 2018

Redstone 4 Rescheduled: Microsoft Postpones Release of Windows 10 Version 1803 [UPDATED]

Users who had planned to spend quality time with their PCs while installing the latest functional upgrade on their Windows 10 machines may have been more than a little surprised to find that Microsoft decided to hold a regular Patch Tuesday instead. What happened?

At the time of writing, no official answer was available – neither from Microsoft's press team nor from its various company blogs; even quick searches on MSDN and TechNet didn't yield results. Thankfully, there are other sources, in this case, Wccftech, and, to confirm that the refresh has in fact been delayed. Surprisingly enough, even these normally well-connected insiders haven't been briefed about the reasons; in fact, not even ZDNet's Marie Jo Foley – a renowned insider like Paul Thurrott – could offer an explanation. So the closest thing to a valid clarification came from Windowscentral's Zac Bowden, whose sources claim that Redmond's developers ran into a so-called blocking bug over the weekend, i.e. a flaw or malfunction that could not be repaired in due course for the planned release. Further according to Bowden and Thurrott, it appears the upgrade has now been postponed for an unspecified amount of time.

Meanwhile, users and admins who wish to protect their Windows machines from substantial harm should not hesitate to install this month's collection of security patches, especially the ones for CVE-2018-0994 and CVE-2018-1010, which fix particularly nasty holes in the Chakra Scripting Engine and the Windows font library

[UPDATE 2018-04-15:] Meanwhile, has noted that Microsoft is still staying silent about an eventual release date and why its PR and support teams think they can afford it. At the same time Wccftech and alleged that Redmond has internally scrapped the original RTM build (17133) and is instead testing new candidates. In other words, the subject remains murky.


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