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July 04, 2016
Until not too long ago, high-performance computing (HPC) was considered to be a discipline that mainly benefits academia, research, and large governmental or public institutions. But with Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) on the rise, more and more traditional industries – from automotive through healthcare and retail to utilities – have developed, and are still developing, a desire for server systems that will successfully tackle the expected surge of data and workloads. Fujitsu's new PRIMERGY CX600 M1, equipped with PRIMERGY CX1640 M1 server nodes based on Intel's latest-generation Xeon Phi™ processors (aka Knights Landing), was designed to fulfill their desire.
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June 30, 2016
Since 2010, tablet computers have served as representatives of the so-called digital lifestyle – devices people could carry around to prove they belong to a new, tech-savvy hipster crowd. A year later, they were a fixture at business meetings and helped shape the concept of BYOD, often to the dismay of IT departments that regarded them as uncontrollable devices and hence additional security risks. Today, this particular debate belongs to the past; however, many devices used in business scenarios are designed for consumers and still don't have what it takes to succeed in modern, demanding business scenarios.
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June 17, 2016
The idea of building mobile workstations has sparked the inventiveness and creativity of developers for a number of years. Yet so far only a few engineers and vendors can claim to have built devices that truly pair workstation performance with the sleek and elegant design we've come to expect from a mobile device. Fujitsu's new CELSIUS H760 rightfully belongs in this category.
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May 30, 2016
Despite serious warnings from their IT departments, many C-level executives and non-techies still seem to hold on to some popular beliefs about servers and data center infrastructures that may have rung true in the 1990s, but would provoke major outages today. We've picked up on the five most popular of these tales for a reality check and provide ammunition for the next time you have to enter negotiations with customers who want to run 24/7 services without investing in proper hardware.
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May 09, 2016
Today's server systems perform legions of critical functions they weren't tasked with five or ten years ago. As a result, the systems themselves are getting ever more complex, and the same goes for the management duties of a typical server administrator. At the same time, users increasingly depend on reliable IT services and infrastructures, and are becoming less tolerant of delays or downtimes. IT departments are thus forced to look for 'management methods' that will allow them to handle the growing complexity with more ease and confidence. One of these methods is called out-of-band or lights-out management (LOM) and has undergone substantial improvements in the latest edition of Fujitsu's ServerView® Suite.
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April 15, 2016
Like every version of Microsoft's prominent desktop OS, Windows 10 comes with a number of security enhancements designed to protect data, systems, networks and users from attack schemes. Typically, these mechanisms work pretty well, – but they still leave room for improvement for security-aware users working in sensitive fields or with sensitive data. In such use cases, Fujitsu's Workplace Protect solution offers the required extra layer of defense.
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March 31, 2016
With new, fourth-generation Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 (aka Broadwell-EP) processors under the hood, Fujitsu's PRIMERGY M2 servers fit into an even broader range of usage scenarios than their predecessors.
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March 17, 2016
Standardized platforms, simple management, easy upgrades and patches, consistent security policies, and cost transparency – many companies tend to deliver long and detailed wish lists to their IT departments at the beginning of a new year. Fujitsu Thin Clients with eLux RP5 help CIOs and administrators to meet such demands.
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March 09, 2016
Contrary to assertions from self-proclaimed experts, "tape" still plays a key role in the backup, recovery and archiving strategies of numerous corporations large and small. For good reason: apart from the well-known cost advantage, modern tape libraries like Fujitsu's ETERNUS LT260 offer a wide variety of features one might not expect, such as built-in hardware encryption. And because it supports the LTO-7 standard, the LT260 is also ready to run in petabyte-scale storage and archiving scenarios.
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February 15, 2016
Starting in fall, Fujitsu has refreshed its superior line of ESPRIMO desktop PCs with the new P956 and D956 models that replace outgoing ESPRIMO C and E lines, and an unprecedented "high-end mini PC," the ESPRIMO Q956. The key advantage of all these 'newcomers' is that they pair excellent performance with unexpectedly low power consumption, not least thanks to the use of 6th-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors with vPro™ technology.
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January 14, 2016
Once restricted to areas like scientific research, oil and gas exploration or car development, techniques like simulation or CAD/CAE have long since left their original turf and become commonplace. Today, you can hardly find a product or service that has not been developed – or at least significantly improved – without the help of computer programs: bicycles are tested in virtual wind tunnels, and smartphones are exposed to the possible effects of gravity when hitting simulated surfaces instead of real ones. Even the weather forecasters on your favorite news channel now present CGI animations that show in detail how the sun, wind and rain will behave in the next 24 hours. As a result, more and more companies need platforms that enable them to perform high-performance computing (HPC) tasks. FUJITSU CELSIUS workstations as well as the FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for HPC fulfill their demands.
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December 18, 2015
In today's business world, companies thrive best if they can implement easy and effective communication and collaboration. Unfortunately, they will often find this is anything but easy, as even technologies designed to facilitate communication often turn out to be obstacles rather than enablers. In particular, employees who are tasked with organizing "virtual" conferences and meetings of geographically dispersed teams have a bunch of horror stories to tell about what can go wrong in the process. The good news is that all it takes to overcome these difficulties is a FUJITSU mini PC loaded with Intel's Unite™ software and devices equipped with the proper app.
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November 24, 2015
In a data-driven economy, organizations of all kinds and sizes must retain more information than ever before. But the more bits and bytes they keep, the harder they are to protect. That's why a few years ago we introduced our ETERNUS CS line of data protection appliances, which simplified and automated a lot of key functions and helped customers master this task. Meanwhile, however, ongoing exponential data growth and an increasing demand for effective and targeted information management pose new challenges that prompt us to refresh the product line and further push the envelope of data protection (DP). Part 2 of our blog explains what's new about the ETERNUS CS800 S6.
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November 18, 2015
In a data-driven economy, organizations of all kinds and sizes must retain more information than ever before. But the more bits and bytes they keep, the harder they are to protect. That's why a few years ago we introduced our ETERNUS CS line of data protection appliances, which simplified and automated a lot of key functions and helped customers master this task. Meanwhile, however, ongoing exponential data growth and an increasing demand for effective and targeted information management pose new challenges that prompt us to refresh the product line and further push the envelope of data protection. Part 1 of our two-part blog explains what's new about the second-generation ETERNUS CS200c S2.
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November 17, 2015
Designed as 'blueprints' for virtualization and private or hybrid cloud projects, PRIMEFLEX® vShape® solutions aim to simplify the implementation of truly modern IT infrastructures in companies of all industries and sizes. With support for vSphere 6.0, improved scalability, and a new backup option, version 5.2 offers even more flexibility than its predecessors.
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November 12, 2015
When you talk about "infrastructures," most people – including IT professionals – automatically envision a few hundred desktops, dozens of servers, and a bunch of dedicated storage systems. But the truth is, they start building those infrastructures much earlier, with the purchase of their first server. So it's all the more important to buy the right system from the get-go – one that's flexible enough to fit into varying usage scenarios and serve as a building block for expanding environments. Fujitsu's refreshed trio of mono-socket PRIMERGY rack and tower servers meets both demands.
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November 09, 2015
The IT revolution of the past decades has massively altered the ways in which individuals and organizations work. At the same time, it has sparked a multitude of ongoing debates about issues such as data growth, performance bottlenecks or optimal compute and networking architectures. Equally important, but somewhat less popular is the topic of critical, database-reliant workloads, so-called database applications: in a world that's increasingly IT-dependent, their number is also constantly on the rise. Unfortunately, the number of adequate server systems that can handle such jobs without wrecking budget plans is fairly limited. Fujitsu's second-generation PRIMEQUEST 2000 systems were built to end that scarcity.
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November 07, 2015
Aside from earthquakes, fires and floods, there are only very few things IT departments dread as much as current fluctuations, power outages, and the data and revenue losses that follow. To counter these, they will typically deploy external uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) to keep servers and storage systems running until they can be shut down in organized manner. The problem with UPSs, however, is that they're bulky, expensive and hard to manage. Fujitsu's Integrated Battery Backup Unit for PRIMERGY Servers (FJBU) is a far better alternative.
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October 01, 2015
Server racks are often considered the dullest parts of a data center. After all, what should be interesting about pieces of furniture that typically look like someone had allowed IKEA designers to cast their artistic visions in steel? At second glance, however, they turn out to be far more sophisticated than most people expect – and hence more relevant for building modern DC infrastructures. Fujitsu's new PRIMECENTER M2 rack family is a perfect example.
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September 17, 2015
What happens to a company that suddenly loses larger parts of its core data, such as the product or customer database, logistical or configuration information regarding virtual servers? Maybe not a lot at first, but if data and applications aren't available again on the third day, even the most tolerant clients and suppliers may start looking for alternatives. Or imagine an online shop that is not accessible within a few seconds. Many visitors will simply leave the website and buy somewhere else. The best way to prevent such catastrophic events is to build IT infrastructures that have high availability (HA) built in and support fast and concise backup and recovery. Fujitsu's server and storage systems enable businesses to do just that – so they can get back on track as fast as possible.
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