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October 31, 2018
Concerns about adequate backup and data protection strategies have plagued IT departments for almost as long as they exist. That's no surprise; after all, questions like "How many copies of my data do I have to keep?" and "How can I assure these copies are available when necessary?" are among those that make immediate sense to everyone, regardless of individual computer savvy. Consequently, they have laid the groundwork for numerous debates, which became more urgent as storage technology evolved and prompted IT teams as well as regular users to search for the one solution that would cure all backup and data protection issues in one fell swoop. The problem with this quest is that such a cure-all doesn't exist – at the end of the day, each organization will have to come up with a policy and implementation strategy that best suits its own specific needs.
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October 24, 2018
A turnkey appliance with integrated deduplication and path-to-tape functions that combines enterprise-class performance and high scalability, supports all leading backup tools, and comes at an affordable price? Fujitsu's data protection appliance ETERNUS CS800 S7 is just that – plus, it helps IT departments build an additional layer of protection against data losses and various attack schemes.
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October 02, 2018
In our data-driven economy, success comes to organizations that manage to permanently deliver enough information to the right person at the right time, thus enabling employees to handle customer demands with assiduous and unremitting attention. Today, pretty much every company has subscribed to that philosophy. The problem is that oftentimes IT infrastructures are not up to the task – especially with regard to data retention and management. With our ETERNUS AF all-flash and ETERNUS DX hybrid storage systems, companies can escape that dilemma.
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September 27, 2018
Every year, vendors and customers alike flock to events like Las Vegas's CES or Berlin's IFA, to show off and learn about the latest trends in consumer electronics. For those among us who are on a quest to build the perfect home entertainment system, both shows are a must-see – only there will you find the adequate audio and video components, storage media, networking cables, and accessories that will elevate you to a whole new level the next time you listen to that overwhelming new 7.1 remaster of your favorite album or watch this year's blockbusters in full and glorious 4K resolution.
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September 26, 2018
Since the early 2000s, concepts of building "dynamic," "software-defined" and otherwise "convergent" IT infrastructures have shaped the debate about what future data centers would and should look like. In its most recent iteration, the discussion has moved to an even more groundbreaking level: Now, everyone is talking about hyper-converged infrastructures (HCIs) that essentially virtualize all elements of the classic data center from servers through networking equipment to storage and run on industry standard servers. Fujitsu has spearheaded these developments since they first took off, and remains a market leader with offerings like PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct, which turns HCI into a viable option for small and midsize businesses.
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August 14, 2018
FUJITSU IoT Solution INTELLIEDGE A700 is a converged IoT Appliance enabling you to leverage massive amounts of data that gets generated at the edge of your enterprise. It is an integrated software and ruggedized hardware platform comprising of solutions that help you gather, process and analyze data that is constantly getting generated and is flowing from your operational technology (OT) systems to IT systems. Data flows such as these are instrumental in providing valuable insights that can help streamline processes and provide greater visibility on what is happening at the shop floor and how that data can be harnessed for greater efficiencies and overall optimization. – In addition to the INTELLIEDGE A700, the FUJITSU INTELLIEDGE G700 is a pure hardware offering that functions as a gateway device for companies that would like to run their own Industry 4.0, IIoT or IoT-based custom applications. The INTELLIEDGE G700 Gateway ships with latest Intel® Core® i processor series, FUJITSU industrial mainboards, solid state drive options and much more. It is also shock and dust proof to withstand a variety of extreme and challenging environments found in industrial and enterprise scenarios.
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July 18, 2018
Both technically and commercially, Fujitsu's PRIMERGY servers are bringing a lot to the table: They regularly rank among the fastest and most efficient systems in the world and offer customers the best value for their money. But that's not all: Certain configurations may even be ordered and sold faster than you'd think – comparable to sprinters competing in the IAAF Diamond League. These are the configurations included in our value4you (v4y) program.
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July 12, 2018
It's a common situation all IT departments are facing on a regular basis: New servers must be deployed, or old ones need to be replaced because they're no longer powerful enough or otherwise outdated. At times, things can get even more complicated, e.g. when they have to build a whole new infrastructure. When time has come, the first question is who or what will help them to pick adequate hard- and software platforms. With Fujitsu and its well-established "tool landscape," the answer is easy.
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June 12, 2018
Fujitsu's ESPRIMO MRE Solution, based on Intel® Unite™, helps avoid wasting time and make meetings more convenient and productive. Apart from improving convenience and ease-of-use, this solution also ensures secure connections for all participants.
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June 08, 2018
Sophisticated cooling technologies can help server systems to remain operative even under conditions that would normally be considered hostile to any type of IT equipment. Plus, if you take a holistic approach, they can also help to reduce a data center's carbon footprint, and enable data center operators to substantially cut costs. All of which explains why Fujitsu's PRIMERGY servers have come equipped with leading-edge cooling systems over the course of the past 14 years – and we're still counting.
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June 06, 2018
Have you ever heard about PUE and DCIE? If not, that's regrettable, but perhaps not too uncommon, as both terms stem from the field of "green computing," i.e. research and development of technology and best practices that enable organizations to build environmentally sound IT platforms. In this context, PUE and DCIE provide metrics that can be used to determine how energy-efficient a given infrastructure truly is – meaning, how much power goes into actual computing performance and how much of it is wasted – and what CIOs and their teams can do to minimize both the operating costs and the ecological footprint of data centers.
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May 31, 2018
The new platform offers a significant performance boost, faster connectivity, faster storage options and more. Two new ESPRIMO models (ESPRIMO D538 and D738) also allow for a 20 percent decrease in their chassis design.
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May 18, 2018
The FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance is a ready-to-run Thin Client Appliance that has an integrated biometric system for authenticating users based on their vein patterns making it the perfect choice for security-sensitive workplaces, healthcare scenarios and for specific applications in VDI environments.
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May 16, 2018
Fujitsu's new Thin Client models FUTRO S940, FUTRO S740 and FUTRO S540 offer distinct advantages to organizations that count on SBC, VDI and cloud applications.
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May 09, 2018
In today's hyper-connected economy, it's almost unimaginable that there once was a time when employees and customers were willing to accept that vital IT services could sometimes become temporarily unavailable due to hardware failures. Even more surprising is the fact that this wasn't during the stone age of modern computing, i.e. the 1980s and 1990s – in fact, that era lasted until maybe 10 to 15 years ago, before we took the 24/7 accessibility of data and computing resources for granted. Since then, outages linked to weak or malfunctioning hardware have been widely derided as signs of incompetence on the part of the teams overseeing IT infrastructures and services. Fujitsu's PRIMERGY servers can help them avoid such critique.
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April 30, 2018
Nowadays, we are seeing more and more instances of virtual environments being installed in a private cloud. Since these virtual environments are in many cases similarly configured, it makes sense to automate the configuration procedure. Part 2 of this blog provides a practical example of how to automatically configure a Solaris Zone with Puppet.
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April 26, 2018
Nowadays, we are seeing more and more instances of virtual environments being installed in a private cloud. Since these virtual environments are in many cases similarly configured, it makes sense to automate the configuration procedure.
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April 16, 2018
From the early 2000s into the first half of the 2010s, blade systems were the platform of choice for many companies that had to shoulder large computing and storage requirements while at the same time coping with budget and space restrictions. Meanwhile, however, the former cost-cutters are facing serious technical challenges that in turn are likely to drive up infrastructure spending. The best way to avoid this predicament is to progressively retire blade systems and replace them with a set of modular servers that provide identical or better functionality while also allowing for efficient data center operation and management.
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April 10, 2018
As more and more businesses are deploying high-volume, high-value workloads such as OLTP or real-time analytics, data centers are struggling to strike a balance between performance and reliability on one hand, and space and cost efficiency on the other. Fujitsu's new PRIMEQUEST 3x00E systems help them achieve that goal much faster and with higher accuracy than before.
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March 09, 2018
Even in this age of cloud computing and "Everything-as-a-Service," robust and cost-efficient tower servers still form the infrastructure backbone for many small, medium and large enterprises. Fujitsu's new PRIMERGY TX2550 M4 tower system adds the latest technologies and options to an already solid design concept proven via its TX2560 M2 and TX2540 M1 platforms. As a result, the TX2550 M4 provides powerful performance for a wide range of workloads, and at the right economics.
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